An overview of what ART is and its significance in modern transportation: Final Year Project 1, Malaysia

Subject Final Year Project 1



  1. Introduction to ART
  • An overview of what ART is and its significance in modern transportation.
  • Highlight the potential benefits of ART, such as reduced traffic congestion, improved efficiency, and environmental sustainability.
  1. History and Evolution of Autonomous Vehicles
  • Discuss the historical development and evolution of autonomous vehicles, including their technological advancements and milestones.
  • Explain how autonomous vehicles have been integrated into public transportation systems worldwide.

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  1. Existing Technologies and Systems
  • Review the current state-of-the-art technologies and systems used in autonomous transit, such as sensor systems, AI algorithms, and communication protocols.
  • Compare and contrast different ART systems implemented in various regions.
  • Challenges between ART, MRT, LRT, etc.
  1. Congestion Issues in Transportation
  • Explore the challenges and issues related to traffic congestion Sarawak, highlighting specific problems and their impact on the region’s transportation network.
  1. Congestion Prediction Models
  • Discuss existing congestion prediction models and algorithms used in transportation planning and management.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of these models in predicting traffic congestion accurately.
  1. Journey Planning and Optimization
  • Examine existing journey planning algorithms and optimization techniques used in autonomous transit systems.
  • Assess the factors considered in efficient journey planning, such as passenger demand, route optimization, and scheduling.

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  1. Case studies and Best Practices
  • Present case studies of successful ART implementations in other regions or cities (can include the ART figure from other countries, for example, from China, Korea, etc.), focusing on their journey planning strategies and congestion management.
  • Make statistics – in most countries, they use the MRT more, or train more (public commuter).
  • Highlight any best practices and lessons learned from these case studies that could be applied to Sarawak.
  1. Research gaps and Challenges
  • Identify gaps in the existing literature related to this specific project, such as the lack of studies on congestion prediction for ART in Sarawak.
  • Discuss the challenges and limitations that researchers have encountered in the field of autonomous transit.
  1. Research Questions and Objectives
  • State the research questions or objectives that my FYP aims to address, based on the gaps and challenges identified in the literature.
  1. Methodology
  • Briefly describe the research methods and techniques that I’m planning to use in my FYP to address the research questions and achieve the objectives.

Provide proper citations for all the sources you reference in the literature review, and ensure that the review is well-structured and logically organized to support the research goals. Additionally, you can incorporate recent developments in autonomous transit and congestion prediction up to the present (2023) to make the literature review up-to-date and comprehensive. The reference that you can refer is primarily relies on research papers, scholarly articles, and peer-reviewed publications. Moreover, include the figure and cite is as well.

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