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IMS655 Systems Analysis in Information Management UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

The IMS655 Systems Analysis in Information Management course provides the perfect foundational knowledge to get started with the basics of system analysis. With topics ranging from problem-solving techniques to data collection and data representation, this course is sure to equip you with all the necessary information needed in order to master the art of systems analysis.

Additionally, learning how to interpret system diagrams and utilizing other design elements can be put into practice as you complete several hands-on activities throughout the duration of this course. So if you’re looking for a great introduction to systems analysis principles, then enroll in IMS655 at your earliest convenience!

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Assignment Task 1: Practice systems analysis and design for an information management environment in a real-world setting.

Systems analysis and design is a comprehensive approach for building efficient and effective information management environments. By understanding users’ goals and how they can best be achieved, organizations can take advantage of technology solutions that support their objectives. Systematic analysis of the user environment and its characteristics helps identify opportunities to improve existing systems or create new ones in a cost-effective manner.

To practice this critical skill, engaging in real-world settings allows students to interact with colleagues, apply their knowledge of system development disciplines, work through project deadlines, and use industry-standard tools. Additionally, by working together on team projects students learn how to effectively collaborate in professional environments which further prepares them for the workplace after graduation.

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Assignment Task 2: Choose intelligently a method, tools, and techniques for Information System Development Project.

As a project manager, it is important to carefully choose a method, tools and techniques for successful development of an Information System project. Selecting the right method is essential for any successful project; it helps the project participants find the most efficient way to understand requirements, define tasks needed for completion, develop systems and create user-friendly interfaces.

Additionally, choosing appropriate tools and techniques can help streamline workflow processes and reduce delays in designing and building the system. Using modern technologies also ensures that all stakeholders are kept informed throughout the project lifecycle. By selecting an approach, technology and methods wisely, managers can save time as well as ensure that all aspects of the Information System Development Project run smoothly and successfully.

Assignment Task 3: Adapt a method and techniques of the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) to develop an online computer-based information system.

The System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is a process comprising of various phases and steps to gradually move a project from conception through to completion. A method must be adapted to develop an online computer-based information system, which should reflect the necessary management activities that need to be carried out for coordination between project stakeholders and team members.

The method should consider starting with gathering requirements for the system, then designing, developing and finally implementing it. As part of the development phase, testing and integrating any new components must take place as this will lead to strong outcomes. Once the system has been developed and tested successfully, it must then be released. Overall, with dedicated effort and by adapting a method from the SDLC, an online computer-based information system can be efficiently developed to fit client’s needs.

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