Analysing a Real-World Organization through the Lens of Organizational Behaviour :Organisational Behaviour, Report, IUMW, Malaysia

University International University of Malaya-Wales (IUMW)
Subject Organisational BehaviourOrganizational Behaviour

Topic: Analysing a Real-World Organization through the Lens of Organizational Behaviour

Choose any Malaysian company you are interested in and have access to information about. This could be a large multinational corporation, a local start-up, a family-owned business, or a non-profit organization. Consider factors like industry, size, and unique characteristics.

Your task is to analyse the organization using key concepts from Organizational Behaviour and recommend solutions to address these issues.

Your analysis of 3,000 words should include:

  1. Background of the company

Briefly provide the company introduction including company size, nature of business and annual revenue.

  1. Individual Differences

Discuss how the company promotes work diversity, creating positive work environment, and enhancing employee well-being at work.

  1. Group Behaviour

Analyse the dynamics of the teams. Are there issues with team development, group decision making, or conflict resolution? Based on your findings, recommend solutions for managers to take to overcome issues with group decision making.

  1. Analysis of the Approach Used by the Company

Identify and explain the suitability, appropriateness, strength and weaknesses of the approach used by the company. Recommend an alternative approach and evaluate its suitability for the company.

Analysis of the Approach Used by the Company

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  • Write a report of 3,000 words on the above topics.
  • As part of the submission, you are required to create a 5-minute video presentation. Consider using screen recordings with visuals and text overlays.
  • Support your analysis with relevant academic theories, concepts, and research findings.
  • Use credible sources of information, including academic journals, company reports, news articles, and interviews.
  • Ensure your report is well-organized, well-written, and follows proper academic formatting guidelines.

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