Electrical Technology Assignment, UKM, Malaysia Analyze the circuit using, the nodal method, and find the value of voltages at nodes A, B, and C

University Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)
Subject Electrical Technology
  1. Analyze the circuit using, the nodal method, and find the value of voltages at nodes A, B, and C.
  2. Determine current and the voltage across the 20 Ohms resistor.’
  3. What is the amount of energy supplied by a 10V voltage source when it is turned on for 10 minutes?
  4. Calculate the percentage of power dissipated by 80 resistors and power dissipated by 200 resistors in comparison to the total power supplied by the voltage source.
  5. If the 6A current source is removed, find the current and power supplied by the 10V voltage source.

electrical technology

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