Strategic Operation Management Assignment, HWU, Malaysia BP’s operations management and analyze the issues to determine the core problem that led to the Deepwater Horizon Disaster

University Heriot-Watt University (HWU)
Subject Strategic Operation Management


  • BP’s operations management and analyze the issues to determine the core problem that led to the Deepwater Horizon Disaster.
  • Observe the operational culture of BP and its relationships with its contractors. Analyze Macondo’s project decisions that lead to the good oil leak from the views of
    a) Halliburton cement contractor Jesse Marc Gagliano
    b) Transocean’s Chief Electronics Technician Mike Williams and BP’s Decision Makers for the project
  • Evaluate the impact of the supply-chain reactions from the Deepwater Horizon Disaster using the Supply-Chain Decisions Impact Strategy and other related theories or models. Focus on Macondo’s Project supply chain reactions from the procurement of inventories until the environmental outcome of the Deepwater Horizon Disaster.
  • If you are the risk management committee assigned to investigate the consequences of the Deep Horizon Disaster, formulate a strategic forecasting analysis using related theories or formulas to overcome such a disaster. Focus on the environmental and economic perspectives in the forecasting analysis approach.

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