CCP406: Rapid Application Development Assignment, HWU, Malaysia To develop a website using Rapid Application Development methodologies, tools, and technologies

University Heriot-Watt University (HWU)
Subject CCP406: Rapid Application Development

Learning Outcomes

LO1 Apply the principles and concepts of Rapid Application Development.
LO3 Display the ability to construct and deploy a working application using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and (C#) programming language.

Task 1

Purpose of this assignment

To develop a website using Rapid Application Development methodologies, tools, and technologies. The students will apply web programming skills such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and ASP.Net.

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Allan owns and operates a bookstore. He sells only books in his store, but since the pandemic has struck, he has had to close down the store operation. As a web developer, you are required to develop a website for an online bookstore using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and to assist Allan in transitioning his bookstore from physical to online. The bookstore should consist of a minimum of the below pages;
1. Register and log in to the page
2. Display all the books available to purchase
3. Able to add/delete/edit the books to the cart
4. Make a purchase

*You may include any additional features where necessary.

*Bootstraps usage is allowed

*Deploy your application to Azure

Task 2

a) Write a short report to document your project development to include all the phases in Rapid Application Development. (Max 20 pages).
b) The report must consist of;
i. Cover Page
ii. Table of Content
iii. Introduction
iv. Body of Content – design detail (user stories, UML conceptual design, and UML database design)
– prototype/screen design
– rapid development
– Deployment
v. Conclusion
vi. Reference
c) Use 1.5 spacing, justified text, and Arial font (12pt)
d) Create a tutorial video to explain your development and submit it to YouTube. Provide the URL link in the report. Make sure the video is categorized as unlisted or public.

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