CIS2021-N: Web Apps and Services Assignment, TU, Malaysia You work as a software developer for the fictitious ThreeAmigos Corp and The company wishes to overtake its rival ManshaCo

University Teesside University (TU)
Subject CIS2021-N: Web Apps and Services


You work as a software developer for the fictitious ThreeAmigos Corp. The company wishes to overtake its rival ManshaCo by expanding into the event management market. You have been given the responsibility of constructing a new intranet-based system to help deliver this service.

A data model and system architecture have been agreed upon by all stakeholders. It has been decided that the existing web service will be used for reserving event venues. It has also been decided that catering will be created as an independent web service because of the potential for selling as a third-party service to other companies. The agreed data model and system
architecture is documented.

Your Task

You have been provided with a Visual Studio solution containing the beginnings of the ASP.NET MVC web app, its associated EntityFramework domain model, and an out-of-the-box ASP.NET API web service.

You are to continue and complete the development of this web-based intranet system.

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