Marketing Assignment, OUM, Malaysia Design an advertisement for this product, which includes the description of the product and a new slogan

University Open University Malaysia (OUM)
Subject Marketing

a) Who would be the target market for this product? Why?

b) What could be the value proposition of this product?

c) What could be the pricing strategy for this product? Why?

d) Design an advertisement for this product, which includes the description of
the product and a new slogan. Draw/design it within the following size, and
explain briefly your design (e.g. the reasons of putting somethings on your
design etc.).

2. Assume that you are the marketing manager of Tesla. Discuss how your retail outlet would influence your potential customers at the stage of repurchase evaluation of alternatives in their decision-making process. You are required to give relevant examples or (and) pictures to support your answer.

3. ABC company is selling healthy fruits juice. Describe the potential supply chain of this product (from raw material to final consumers). You can also provide a diagram to support your description on the supply chain.

4. Company X is using multichannel strategy and Company Y is using omnichannel strategy as part of the distribution strategy. Is Company Y having a better distribution strategy as compared to Company X? Why?

5. Assuming that you were the marketing manager of a company selling essential oils for aromatheraphy and targeting at female working adults. Plan for the marketing strategies (Product, Price, Promotion & Place) that can be used by the company to attract their target market.

6. Read the following story and discuss what marketers of a women clothing
company can do at different stages of this story: “Mary wanted to attend a dinner with a group of friends on this coming Saturday. She saw an advertisement about ZARA clothes on her way back to home two days ago.

She was wondering whether she should buy a new dress for the dinner
that she will be attending soon. She searched the internet on new fashion and was redirected to a few companies’ websites. Mary was excited when she was
exposed to so many types of clothes that she can consider buying. She compared the designs and prices among a few retailers. Finally, she decided to buy a blouse from Padini Online Clothing Store.”

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