Circuit Analysis Assignment, CUCST, Malaysia Each group needs to design its own circuitry to wire the electric radiators to the power supplied to the garage

University City University College of Science and Technology (CUCST)
Subject Circuit Analysis

Task 1

Each group needs to design its own circuitry to wire the electric radiators to the power supplied to the garage. The circuit is expected to supply total power of 2000 W with a tolerance of ± 3% and should have the following components:

  • At least 1 independent voltage source
  • At least 1 independent current source
  • At least 6 resistors in series and parallel configurations
  • At least 1 dependent voltage/current source
  • The circuit has at least 3 meshes.

In order to complete the task,

  1. From your own circuitry, simulate the circuit using any simulation tools in order to obtain the voltage and current for each element.
  2. Perform circuit analysis using both Node Voltage AND Mesh-Current Methods.
  3. Compare and discuss the calculated and simulated results.
  4. Prove that your circuit is balanced.

Task 2

The track on the printed circuit board (PCB) can be represented as a circuit element of an inductor, resistor, and capacitor in an RLC circuit configuration. Build your own RLC circuit using component values from Table 1 if the source voltage of the track is given as VS = 40 cos 5,000t V.

Component Value of Resistor, Capacitor, and Inductor

Circuit Analysis

  • Construct your circuit in a combination of a series-parallel arrangement with at least two resistors, two inductors, and two capacitors to create an equivalent impedance, Zeq of 200 – j 500 Ω.
  • Describe your strategies in analyzing the circuit, explaining your reasoning in choosing either NVM or MCM.
  • Simulate the circuit in (1) and compare it with the result in (2).
  • If you were asked to carry out the actual experiment, suggest suitable components and devices be used in the measurement setup. Do you expect the same result will be obtained from actual experiments? Please discuss.

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