FIT1047: User input (4 points) The next step is to implement a subroutine that reads a string, character by character: Introduction to computer systems, networks and security Assignment, MU, Malaysia

University Monash University (MU)
Subject networks and security Assignment

Task 2.4:

User input (4 points) The next step is to implement a subroutine that reads a string, character by character, using the Input instruction. The subroutine takes an address as its argument which is the location in memory where the string should start. The label for that address should be Input String Start. Your code should initialize a label Current Character Location to the location of the first character in the string (i.e., leaving one location empty for the size of the string).

Your code then runs in a loop like this: – Get one character from the user using the Input instruction – If the input is not 0 (the integer 0, not the ASCII character 0), write the character into Current Character Location, increment Current Character Location by one, and start the loop again. – If the input is 0, store the size of the string in Input String Start and return from the subroutine. Note that you can switch the input box in the MARIE simulator into different modes: use the UNICODE mode to enter the characters, and use Hex or Decimal to enter the final 0 (since the character ‘0’ is different from the integer 0).

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