Fundamental of Library Administration Assignment, UCISS, Malaysia The library is the best place to look for information for many people. Every library in Malaysia must have its own services

University UCISS Malaysia (UCISS)
Subject Fundamental of Library Administration

The library is the best place to look for information for many people. Every library in Malaysia must have its own services. A good library service is critical for attracting many users. What exactly are library services? Library services are facilities that exist in the library through various types of materials and guidance from librarians to help users easily obtain information. In addition, there are two types of library services that all libraries must have, such as technology and information services.

Firstly, what are “technical services”? Technical services are the work done behind the scenes to keep the library running smoothly. There are six types of technical services acquisition, cataloging, classification, indexing, abstracting, and preservation. The acquisition is one of the main technical services or the first function of services that we want to explain more about.

What is acquisition? According to Britannica, Acquiring carefully chosen materials in various media, including digital ones, for libraries and information centers is the process of acquisition. It also involves keeping the records necessary to support these acquisitions. (Britannica, 2022). Public libraries, school libraries, special libraries, academic libraries, and national libraries are the four types of libraries.

Every library has its own unique acquisition service, and there are different ones. PPAS is a public library, and this type of library is an informational resource like resources of general and broader interest that are purchased by public libraries for use by all members of the communities they serve for the acquisition service. Aside from that, the acquisition is also regarded as a book loan process.

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This service is doing its job with the circulation department. The acquisition is also a way of changing or fixing the materials in the library, such as rebinding, protecting the materials from damage, and others. Although it is the acquisition is a little bit complicated, this is very necessary to apply it to our life. There are three processes of acquiring such as request processing, pre-order work, and hanging out and focusing.

Firstly, what is the scope of the acquisition? The acquisition’s scope is the work or task that is included in the acquisition service. It can also be the range of library acquisitions and the policies governing that kind of service. There are many scopes or ranges of acquisition in Perbadanan Perpustakaan Awam Selangor (PPAS). Among all the services, PPAS orders the book based on the needs of the three groups of users, which are children, teenagers, and adults.

The selection of the type of book will be made in advance before making a purchase for the library. The language that they choose is also essential in selecting the books before ordering because some of the users want to learn English by searching for English books, and some senior citizens want to get information or news in Bahasa Melayu. PPAS orders and excludes the books based on Malaysia’s user needs.

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