HPGD1103: Identify and describe 2-3 recent advances or trends in curriculum development that are relevant to 21st century: Curriculum Development Assignment, Malaysia

University Open University Malaysia (OUM)
Subject HPGD1103 Curriculum Development Assignment


The objective of this assignment is twofold: firstly, to critically analyses and summarise recent advancements in curriculum development from scholarly sources, focusing on their impact and feasibility in educational settings; and secondly, to apply this knowledge by designing a course that enhances 21st century skills, involving the creation of specific course outcomes, content, learning activities, and assessment methods, tailored to meet the demands of modern education in the context of the ongoing industrial revolution.

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You are required to complete both parts of the assignment.



In response to the global industrial revolution, there is a growing need to adapt and evolve curricula to meet the learning demands of the 21st century. This task involves a comprehensive review of 2-3 journal articles or book chapters that address contemporary innovations in curriculum development. The review should be summarised and synthesised in an executive summary that includes the following:

(a)          Identify and describe 2-3 recent advances or trends in curriculum development that are relevant to 21st century learning, such as digital literacy, collaborative learning, or problem-solving skills.

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(b)          Analyse how these developments impact teaching methods and learning outcomes, particularly in promoting skills such as critical thinking, creativity, and adaptability in students.

(c)           Evaluate the practicality and feasibility of implementing these modern curriculum changes in educational institutions, considering factors such as technology integration, teacher training, and availability of resources.


You are required to provide the following information in the course module:

(i) Title of the Course 

(ii) Course Description:

  • What is the course about?
  • What will students achieve if they were to attend this course?

(iii) Rationale: 

  • Why is the course important?
  • Why does the learner need this course?
  • Does the course fulfil the needs of the society?

(iv) Duration of the course

(v) Course objectives/ Learning outcomes statements:

Write three CLOs that include knowledge (cognitive), attitudes (affective), and skills (psychomotor) that students should achieve.

(vi) Course pre-requisite

Knowledge is required beforehand or necessary as preparation for the future.

(vii) Content:

Briefly describe 5-10 topics to be included in the course.

(viii) Materials:

Printed materials, websites, eBooks, etc.

(ix) Main teaching approaches, teaching methods and teaching strategies:

  • Approaches (constructivist, humanism, cognitivism, etc.)
  • Teaching methods (lecture method, student-centered, etc.)
  • Teaching strategies (inquiry-based learning, problem-based learning etc).

(x) Types of assessment / Grading procedures:

  • How will you assess your student progress in meeting the three CLOs for your course? (Summative or formative)
  • Suggested methods of assessment (tests, assignments, projects, etc.) and provide the marks allocated for each CLO.

(xi)  Main references

Include at least FIVE key references that you will use for your course and student references. Also, ensure that the references are relevant and up to date (not older than 5 years). Adhere to the latest APA format for your reference.

(xii) Other additional information

Provide at least FIVE additional information and examples relevant to the course as follows:

  • Supplementary reading materials, journals, or papers
  • Online resources: Add links to relevant websites, online lectures, educational videos, podcasts, or webinars
  • Multimedia materials: Mention any documentaries, films, or audio recordings.
  • Interactive learning tools: Online simulations, interactive tools, or software
  • Case studies and real-world examples: Include case studies or examples from real-world scenarios
  • Discussion forums and study groups: If there are online forums, social media groups, or study groups associated with the course, indicate how to join them.
  • Guest speaker sessions: Provide information about these sessions etc.

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