ITNM5063:Cryptography And Internet Security Assignment, TU, Malaysia What is the MAC address of the web server

University Teesside University (TU)
Subject ITNM5063 Cryptography And Internet Security

Question 1

a. What is the MAC address of the web server?
b. What was the attacker trying to achieve with this action?
c. Explain what information attacker derived at the end of the attempt.

Question 2

a. Identify the IP address of the webserver.
b. Identify the victim of ARP spoofing.
c. What is attacker’s IP address and MAC address?
d. Which IP address(es) of ARP table was poisoned by the attacker? Justify your answer
e. Attacker modified some HTTP response (it’s actually a HTML code), which packet is the modified HTTP response? Answer the packet number and the HTML strings contained in the packet.

Question 3

a. What is the web server IP and domain name?
b. Identify the DNS cache server and DNS content server IP address.
c. Identify the attacker’s IP and MAC address.
d. Which TCP source port does the cache server use?
e. Discuss the type of attack and achievement of the attacker.

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