Master of Industrial and Organizational Psychology Dissertation, UMS, Malaysia Many organizations face challenges to motivate and foster commitment among their employees due

University Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS)
Subject Master of Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Many organizations face challenges to motivate and foster commitment among their employees due to different generational cohorts. As the largest law enforcement agencies in Malaysia, Royal Malaysia Police (RMP) consist of employees from different generation cohorts who are still in service with the organization. The aim of this research is to understand the effect of the generation cohort on the relationship between the motivation and organizational commitment of RMP officers.

This quantitative study will be conducted by using an online survey. There is 137,574 total number of police officers that are working for the organization. The expected sample size based on normal distribution will be 384 participants from RMP will be selected based on their age which will be further divided into two categories, Generation X (1965 – 1982) and Millennials. With the changing times, RMP might need to rework its working method which will continue to motivate and keep its officers committed to the organization.

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