LGV7034: The risk manager has an important role to play in an organisation’s risk management: Risk Management Individual Assignment, VUC, Malaysia

University Veritas University College (VUC)
Subject LGV7034 Risk Management Assignment

John Pentanol was appointed as risk manager at H&Z Company a year ago and he decided that his first task was to examine the risks that faced the company. He concluded that the company faced three major risks, which he assessed by examining the impact that would occur if the risk were to materialise.

He assessed Risk 1 as being of low potential impact as even if it materialised it would have little effect on the company’s strategy.

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Risk 2 was assessed as being of medium potential impact whilst a third risk,

Risk 3, was assessed as being of very high potential impact.

When John realised the potential impact of Risk 3 materialising, he issued urgent advice to the board to withdraw from the activity that gave rise to Risk 3 being incurred. In the advice he said that the impact of Risk 3 was potentially enormous and it would be irresponsible for H&Z to continue to bear that risk.

The company commercial director, Jane Xylene, said that John Pentanol and his job at H&Z were unnecessary and that risk management was ‘very expensive for the benefits achieved’. She said that all risk managers do is to tell people what can’t be done and that they are pessimists by nature. She said she wanted to see entrepreneurial risk takers in H&Z and not risk managers who, she believed, tended to discourage enterprise. John replied that it was his job to eliminate all of the highest risks at H&Z Company. He said that all risk was bad and needed to be eliminated if possible. If it couldn’t be eliminated, he said that it should be minimised.

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(a) The risk manager has an important role to play in an organisation’s risk management.
(i) Describe the roles of a risk manager. (20 marks)
(ii) Assess John Pentanol’s understanding of his role. (15 marks)

(b) With reference to a risk assessment framework as appropriate, criticise John’s advice that H&Z should withdraw from the activity that incurs Risk 3. (30 marks)

(c) Jane Xylene expressed a particular view about the value of risk management in H&Z Company. She also said that she wanted to see ‘entrepreneurial risk takers’.
(i) Define ‘entrepreneurial risk’ and explain why it is important to accept entrepreneurial
risk in business organisations;
(ii) Critically evaluate Jane Xylene’s view of risk management.

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