MPU3412 : Community Service Assignment, OUM, Malaysia Writing a Reflective Journal about the Community Work .

University Open University Malaysia (OUM)

Assignment Question

Question 1: Writing a reflective journal about the community work that has been carried out. I have done a communal work in Bishan Recreation Park such as sweeping and cleaning the park. Limit to 3 pages only.

Question 2: Answering essay questions. Limit to 2 pages only excluding references.


The objective of the assignment is to evaluate learner’s knowledge and understanding in applying the skills and social responsibilities within the community; apply communication skills, leadership and work as a team; and practice skills in information management, projects and entrepreneurship.


Community service is an important activity to promote goodwill between the community and the environment. Proper planning for community service would impact on the community at local, district, state or national levels.

As an undergraduate at the university, you are to lead a community service program that can benefit the community in your surroundings. This program should be implemented with a sense of full responsibility and commitment so that the community service goals are reached.

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The goals of community services are as follows:

  • Fostering a sense of love and togetherness;
  • Fostering and application of knowledge, skills and civic practices;
  • Contributing through volunteering;
  • Becoming patriotic citizens; and
  • Practicing a healthy lifestyle.

For this assignment, you need to choose a community service from the list below:

  • Community service at school/kindergarten;
  • Community service at the recreational area;
  • Community service at the orphanage;
  • Community service at home old folks;
  • Community service at the home of People with Disabilities (OKU);
  • Community service with your colleagues at your workplace;
  • Community service during the marriage feast/wedding ceremony
  • Community service after the occurrence of disasters like flood and others
  • Community service at the recycling centers;
  • Community service at the animal shelters;
  • Various community service projects at the village, city, and national level.

Guidelines For Action:

1. The assignment must be completed by doing the planned activities provided as follows:

a) Activity 1 – Planning and implementation of community service. Limited to 5 pages only.

b) Activity 2 – Video recording (The duration of the recording is between 5-15 minutes) [Please include the link to access your recordings in your assignment].

c) Activity 3 – Writing a reflective journal. Limited to 3 pages only.

d) Activity 4 – Answering essay question

A leader needs to be empathetic with the team members while doing community service activities. Do you agree? Explain your answer. Limited to 2 pages only.

e) Presentation of an overall assignment (Activity 1-4).

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