Modelling and Design of a Rehabilitative Hand Exoskeleton Thesis, UTeM, Malaysia Neuromusculoskeletal disorders which affect the finger movements of the human hand are the primary causes of hand injuries

University Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM)
Subject Modelling and Design of a Rehabilitative Hand Exoskeleton

Neuromusculoskeletal disorders which affect the finger movements of the human hand are the primary causes of hand injuries for many people. Although the tendons, ligaments, bones, and muscles of the hand are small, hand injuries and disorders can have a significant impact. Hand therapy is essential for regaining hand motor function. Manual operations are required in traditional rehabilitation therapy, but it cannot say with certainty because it needs repeatability for intensive and continuous therapeutic training and demands a considerable skill requirement. To get better results, robot-assisted rehabilitation has been investigated.

There are still numerous problems that need to be resolved and exoskeleton hand design is still a difficult area of research. The complicated morphology of hand exoskeletons must be adjusted to varied human hand sizes. Design, modelling, and control are key factors in enabling hand exoskeletons to deliver precise and repeated movements. The research’s objective is to design and analyze the physical and mathematical modelling of exoskeletons for hand rehabilitation. The mechanism’s design is based on the hand’s anthropometric measurements and anatomy.

The design provides natural and smooth flexion and extension movements hand. The mechatronic hand exoskeleton is proposed using a visualization design application. This exoskeleton hand system is designed to compare mathematical and physical modelling, with the findings being verified using SolidWorks and MATLAB. According to modelling and simulation testing, the suggested hand exoskeleton could create an appropriate range in finger extension and flexion motion without any disruptions. The modelling approach is simple to use in rehabilitation engineering for individualized design.

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