Organizational Psychology Dissertation, APU, Malaysia One of the key elements in any organization is organizational commitment. Committed employees are less likely

University Asia Pacific University (APU)
Subject Organizational Psychology

One of the key elements in any organization is organizational commitment. Committed employees are less likely to leave their organizations they are willing to sacrifice for the sake of the organization’s goal with a strong desire to stay.

Organizational commitment is often linked to work performance where employees with work attachment and organizational commitment will exhibit high performance or vice versa. In fact, there are several past studies conducted that have found a decrease in work performance if employees have a low level of organizational commitment.

According to Bytyqi, the motivation and organizational commitment of employees are determinant factors that directly influence the success of the organization. There is a relationship between motivation and organizational commitment where motivation plays a role in organizational commitment.

While motivation and commitment continue to pose challenges as workplaces are diverse, and all individuals are motivated to work and committed to their work by different factors. One driver of motivation and organizational commitment is the generational cohort to which an individual belongs.

Employees with a high level of organizational commitment will exhibit high performance or vice versa. Based on a study by Sungu et al., (2019), it was found that organizational commitment was more strongly associated with job performance for employees with high occupational commitment.

Law enforcement agencies have unique challenges such as exposure to extremely stressful and traumatic situations, high burnout rates, negative physical impacts, negative psychological impacts, and tremendous scrutiny. One of the largest law enforcement agencies in Malaysia is the Royal Malaysia Police, also known as Royal Malaysia Police (RMP). The study will be

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