Personnel and Career Development Counselling Report, MUM, Malaysia I’m the oldest child, so technically I’m like the third Baron in the family, so when I was young I am when my parents

University Monash University Malaysia (MUM)
Subject Personnel and Career Development Counselling

I’m the oldest child, so technically I’m like the third Baron in the family, so when I was young I am when my parents were going through a messy divorce at 14, I had to become the string that pulled everyone together so my mother confided in me the story is my father, and my brother I had to be strong for the family, and when my parents were married when I was 16. my father got married first.

My stepfather is a former pilot, and my stepfather is an aircraft engineer. My mother was a former stewardess and is now a housewife.

My mother and I are quite close. We have those chaotic loving relationships where sometimes we fight and sometimes we get along but we rely on each other, and we love each other a lot.

My brother has recently got a new part-time job and a drink is but part-time studies.

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Ever since I was young, I wanted to be in a workplace that is different from my parents, I do not want to work in the same company and same line.

At first, I was living with my father and stepmother and it was quite hard because I was never far away from my mother my father is usually away for work so sometimes it’s just me and my stepmother and she doesn’t have this mother touch to her and she looked at me like a rival instead, like she will get jealous of me, and she’ll try to compete with me for my father’s affection.

It was like a survival game where we need a strong and survive so right after high school I moved in with my mother and stepfather. The reason why I was staying with my father at first was he was the more financially stable and at that time I value money over anything else. I still do value money now, but back then I value lavish. Now I value stability.

So after high school, I realize my mental health is bad and I need to get out so I took up the decision to move in with my mother and stepfather. Although my relationship with my stepfather is still awkward my mother plate her part well and we managed to become some sort of a family. It’s not like your usual family, but it’s still a family.

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Compared to when I was staying with my father and stepmother back then, it felt like housemates rather than family.

As I grew older I knew that I couldn’t relax and play around my goal after high School bus to graduate, and find a good job to be financially stable, because life with my mother and stepfather wasn’t as comfortable or lavish, as life with my father.

I want to be like my old self again, where I could offer anything I want and I want to support my mother as well as my family so my goal was to graduate without repeats without failure and get a job as fast as I could a well-paid job which I did.

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