SKMM2413: Thermodynamics Assignment, UMT, Malaysia Choose a value for the polytropic exponent between 1.2-1.6. Using Microsoft Excel, construct the process

University Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)
Subject SKMM2413: Thermodynamics

Consider a closed system that contains air initially at 300 K and 100 kPa. The system is to be compressed to a final pressure of 600 kPa. It is also known that the pressure and volume are related according to PV” = C.

a. Choose a value for the polytropic exponent between 1.2-1.6. Using Microsoft Excel, construct the process path of the above compression on a P-V diagram. All the calculations must be done on the Excel spreadsheet.

b. Choose three (3) values for polytropic exponent ranging between 1.2-1.6. For each case, calculate and tabulate the work and heat transfer per unit kg of air to reach the final state. Based on your calculation for each case, discuss how you may accomplish the final state of 600kPa

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