Stage 1: Developing Relationship – Develop a strong basis for cooperative sharing: Guidance Counselling Essay, OUM, Malaysia

University Open University Malaysia (OUM)
Subject Guidance Counselling Essay


Counselling is a process that develops and changes from one stage to another.
There is a starting point, a change to another stage and an end to the process.
Figure 2.1 shows the development of the process through five stages.


Now let us look at each stage:

(a) Stage 1: Developing Relationship – Develop a strong basis for cooperative

(b) Stage 2: Exploration – Understand how clients perceive their problems or
their frame of reference;

(c) Stage 3: Decision-making – Develop an aim for the client. It also means
setting the direction to guide the client. At this stage, the counsellor tries to
think of the appropriate strategy to help his client;

(d) Stage 4: Implementation – Counsellor attempts to reduce the level of anxiety or to suggest problem-solving ways; and

(e) Stage 5: Termination – Counsellor sums up what has been going on
throughout the counselling sessions and its outcome.

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