MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM Assignment, UITM, Malaysia The IT department is significant in maintaining communications networks for small and large businesses

University Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)
Subject Management Information System

The IT department is significant in maintaining communications networks for small and large businesses. Not many companies, could survive without a good IT department making them imperative to a business’s day to day existence. From sending an email, to changing a password, accessing databases and everything else, are there to help every step of the way.

IT in business is ultimately to help the business be more efficient and productive. Recognising this significant, research and discuss your company’s history of existence, the information systems utilised by your company, benefits and challenges of these systems in managing people, resources, business and technology. This discussion should include the following detailed information:

Company history of existence

• Products and/or services does the company offer

• THREE types of information systems employ in the company

• Benefits of these systems to the staff, customer and company

• Challenges of these systems to the system developers and users

• How can these systems be more competitive to leverage staff productivity or business profit?

• Other Issues related from these systems such as matter in security, quality, etc

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