BAMS1743: A researcher wishes to know whether the sales of the stores are depending on the number of e-wallet channels made available to the customers: Quantitative Methods, Assignment , TAR UMT, Malaysia

Question 3

a) A researcher wishes to know whether the sales of the stores are depending on the number of e-wallet channels made available to the customers. The following table shows the number of e-wallet channels and the sales achieved by 8 stores last week.

BAMS1743: Jan-2024- Quantitative Methods

(i) Calculate the product moment correlation coefficient.

(ii) Find the least squares regression equation of the sales on e-wallet channels.

(iii) By using the regression equation, estimate the sales of a store if the number of e-wallet channels available is ten.

b) The customers’ payment made by various e-wallet channels in a store over the past three weeks are given below:

BAMS1743: Jan-2024- Quantitative Methods

(i) Obtain a suitable moving average trend.

(ii) Calculate the average seasonal variations for the customers’ payment via e-wallet using the additive model.

(iii) Forecast the customers’ payment via e-wallet for Friday of the following week.

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