What effect do sustainable business practices have on consumer buying behaviour: Research Methodology Individual Assignment, APU, Malaysia

University Asia Pacific University (APU)
Subject Research Methodology Individual Assignment

Chapter 1: Introduction

1.1 Introduction

This is an introductory chapter that serves as a gateway to the foundations of sustainable business practices and the enigmatic connection with consumer behavior. As firms become more and more concerned on the symbiotic bond between their systems and the social and environmental health that surrounds them, this dynamic has become critical.

1.2 Research Background

El Hilali et al., (2020) have noted that businesses throughout the world are, indeed, becoming aware of the necessity of integrating environmentally and socially responsible practices as an integral part of their core business (Ajmal et al., 2018).

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This paradigm shift is not a mere trend but a smart connection to the rapidly growing consciousness of the environmental complications, as well as social issues, which require corporate response and corporate transformation. Companies are recalibrating their approaches, rectifying their ecological footprints with the help of Sustainable processes, contributing to the betterment of the society.

At the same time, consumers are evolving paralleling the evolution of their mindset and becoming aware of how their spending habits reverberate endlessly. Informed by increased consciousness of environmental degradation and sociological gaps, consumers are requiring firms to disclose more information on sustainability and ethics. The emerging consumer awareness gives rise to a constant interaction between sustainable business norms and consumer conduct (ElHaffar et al., 2020).

This study aims to unearth the deep relationships between sustainable business practices and consumer behavior. In the study of such dynamics, the study is aimed at exposing these hidden mechanisms that drive consumers to interact with businesses on the issue of sustainability. Getting behind the mechanisms that drive these changes is, therefore, essential to companies that want to navigate this evolving environment, formulating strategies that speak to the discerning demands of a growing number of consumers in need of positive change.

1.3 Problem statement

Though the adoption of sustainable practices is rising, a substantial gap remains in the ability to properly appreciate the effect these practices have on consumer behavior. It is important to fill this gap because it unlocks the door to revealing valuable information to managers about the ever-winding road that influences consumer decisions in the sustainable context. The dissection of complex networks that either promote or hamper consumer response to the sustainable initiatives will provide companies with the means of perfect refocusing on their focusing of the tendencies of the changing customer preferences (Rausch & Kopplin, 2021).

Additionally, admitting and tackling obstacles and challenges of enacting sustainable measures is important for enterprises that pursue an endeavor to develop a sustainable tomorrow. Regardless of whether these challenges arise out of operational intricacies, market dynamics, or consumer education, such knowledge, understanding, and their overcoming will only strengthen businesses as they strive to attain sustainability.

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Through realizing and overcoming the challenges, the companies will not stop at their internal struggle to align with the sustainable practices but also contribute positively towards the societal and environmental goals in general. This research attempts to explore these intricate aspects; in so doing, it sheds light on embarking on the road to a more sustainable and consumer-driven business environment.

1.4 Research Questions

RQ1: What effect do sustainable business practices have on consumer buying behaviour?

RQ2: Some of the main issues that force the consumers to support businesses with sustainable practices

RQ3: What are the barriers in adapting and popularising sustainable practices among businesses?

1.5 Research Objectives

RO1: The study would be on the consideration of the effect of sustainable business practices on the preferences and decision-making of consumers.

RO2: Identifying those factors that make consumers lean towards business who practices sustainability.

RO3: To analyze the difficulties that businesses face in holistic adoption and promotion of sustainable practices.

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