You are required to search for ONE (1) peer-reviewed journal articles in the field of organizational: Organizational Development and Change Management Case study, UIU, Malaysia

University UNITAR International University (UIU)
Subject Organizational Development and Change Management Case study

Question 2

1. You are required to search for ONE (1) peer-reviewed journal articles in the field of organizational development and change.

2. Refer to the example given below to write your article review.

Here is an example of the proper form for your article review:
Provide a full and correct citation of the article you review using APA style.
• First, summarize the article. -Summarize the main points the author(s) discuss(es). -As far as possible, make it clear what the author’s central argument is.
• Next, explain and critique the contents, methods used, and/or the findings presented.

What are the primary sources used? What type of analysis did the author do of the primary sources (if applicable)? If the author(s) utilized secondary sources, did the author include only sources that support his/her arguments? How recent are the sources relative to the article’s publication date?

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E.g. His methods were thorough. His intent was to integrate the findings that had already been reported into a single article that could be the starting point for future research found. The author(s) found that………

• Finally, offer your opinion on the value of the study. Will this study further our knowledge base in relation to organizational development and change
• Write the lesson learned from this assignment.

Note on Paraphrasing: One of the writing skills you must gain is PARAPHRASING other scholars’ research. You need to summarize other people’s research in YOUR OWN WORDS. Otherwise, if you use wording in your paper that is close to the original research, you are plagiarizing (which is a form of academic dishonesty).


Reference (APA Style)
Summary of the article
Explanation and critique of the article
Opinion on the value of the study
Lesson learned. ( half page )

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