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BIO722 Applied Biology Thesis I UITM Assignment Answer Malaysia

The BIO722 Applied Biology Thesis I at UITM Malaysia is an advanced-level course designed to equip students with the necessary skills for research studies and future careers in various industrial, professional, and academic domains. Under the guidance of faculty or industry experts, students will plan their research study. We are also required to deliver an oral presentation on their research proposals and preliminary findings, if available. This  BIO722  course focuses on providing practical training and research experience to prepare students for their academic and professional journey.

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Assignment Task 1: Analyse the scientific research findings

For this task, we will delve into a scientific research paper on a biology-related topic. The chosen paper is titled “The Impact of Environmental Factors on the Growth of Plant Species X.” The research investigates how various environmental factors, such as temperature, light exposure, and soil pH, influence the growth of Plant Species X.

The study employed a randomized controlled experiment, with three groups of Plant Species X being exposed to different conditions. Group A was placed in a controlled environment with optimal conditions, Group B in a high-temperature environment, and Group C in a low-light environment. Each group consisted of 30 plants, and the experiment was conducted over a period of six weeks.

The results showed that the plants in Group A exhibited the highest growth rate, with an average increase in height of 3.5 centimeters. Group B, exposed to high temperatures, experienced stunted growth, with an average height increase of only 1.2 centimeters. Conversely, Group C, exposed to low light conditions, showed moderate growth, with an average height increase of 2.1 centimeters.

Statistical analysis indicated a significant difference in growth rates among the three groups (p < 0.05). Additionally, the researchers observed changes in leaf coloration and patterns of water consumption across the different conditions, suggesting that these factors also contribute to the observed growth patterns.

In conclusion, this study provides valuable insights into the impact of environmental factors on the growth of Plant Species X. The findings emphasize the importance of providing optimal conditions for plants to thrive and highlight the potential consequences of unfavorable environmental conditions on plant growth.

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Assignment Task 2 : Display interpersonal skills through reflection, commitment, effort and time management in completion research and experiment

Throughout the course of the biology research and experiment, I demonstrated strong interpersonal skills. I actively engaged with my research team, fostering open communication and collaboration. We held regular meetings to discuss our progress, share ideas, and address any challenges we encountered.

In the research planning phase, I actively contributed to developing the experimental design, considering various environmental factors and controls. I respected my team members’ opinions and suggestions, and together, we refined the research approach to ensure its robustness.

During the experiment, I displayed commitment and effort by dedicating significant time to monitoring the plant growth, collecting data, and making detailed observations. Whenever issues arose, I remained patient and worked collaboratively to troubleshoot and rectify them. Additionally, I efficiently managed my time to meet deadlines and achieve research milestones.

In group discussions, I encouraged my peers to share their thoughts freely and created an inclusive environment where everyone felt comfortable contributing. I actively listened to others, considered their viewpoints, and provided constructive feedback.

My interpersonal skills were also evident during the experiment’s data analysis phase. I collaborated with team members proficient in data analysis, and together we interpreted the results and drew meaningful conclusions from the findings.

Assignment Task 3 : Demonstrate communication skills in written and oral related to biology research and experiment

Throughout the biology research project, I demonstrated strong communication skills both in writing and oral presentations. In written communication, I ensured that my research reports and documentation were clear, concise, and well-organized. I used appropriate scientific terminology and cited relevant literature to support our research’s theoretical framework.

In our research paper, I contributed to the introduction section, providing a comprehensive review of the existing literature related to the impact of environmental factors on plant growth. I presented the research objectives and hypotheses in a coherent manner, laying the groundwork for the experiment’s rationale.

During the oral presentations, I effectively communicated our research methodology, results, and conclusions to both our research team and wider audiences. I used visual aids, such as PowerPoint slides and graphs, to enhance the clarity of my presentations. I also encouraged questions and discussions after each presentation, ensuring that everyone understood the research’s key aspects.

When presenting complex data, I made a conscious effort to simplify and explain the findings in a way that was accessible to all audience members. I aimed to engage and captivate the listeners, regardless of their level of expertise in biology.

Assignment Task 4 : Use digital skills for broad range information and technology for biology research

In this biology research project, I made effective use of digital skills to gather information and employ technology to advance our research. To begin with, I employed digital platforms and databases to conduct a comprehensive literature review. Using scientific search engines and databases, such as PubMed and Google Scholar, I retrieved relevant research articles and papers that formed the basis of our study.

Furthermore, I utilized various digital tools to organize and analyze data collected during the experiment. Microsoft Excel was instrumental in managing and processing the data, allowing for efficient calculations and graphical representation. We used statistical software like SPSS to perform complex analyses and draw meaningful conclusions from our findings.

Digital skills also played a crucial role in creating visual aids for presentations. I used graphic design software, like Adobe Illustrator, to design eye-catching charts, graphs, and diagrams that enhanced the visual appeal of our research presentations.

Additionally, digital platforms facilitated collaboration among team members, especially when working remotely. We utilized project management tools, such as Trello or Asana, to assign tasks, track progress, and communicate updates. Virtual meetings were conducted using video conferencing software, allowing us to connect and discuss research matters effectively.

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