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BIO731 Applied Biology Thesis Ii UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

BIO731 Applied Biology Thesis II is an advanced level course designed to provide students with specialized training in research studies and prepare them for future careers in various industrial, professional, and academic fields. Under the guidance of faculty or industry lecturers, students are required to conduct an approved research project. The culmination of the course involves the submission of a written research thesis and an oral presentation of the research outcome. 

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Assignment Brief 1 : construct scientific research solution on biology related issues


The primary objective of this research is to analyze the influence of various environmental factors on the growth and development of plants. The study will focus on understanding how factors such as light intensity, temperature, soil composition, and water availability affect plant growth. The findings will contribute to a deeper comprehension of plant biology and may have implications for agriculture, horticulture, and environmental conservation.


  • Literature Review: Conduct an extensive literature review to gather existing knowledge on the impact of environmental factors on plant growth. Analyze and summarize previous research to identify gaps and potential areas for investigation.
  • Experimental Design: Design controlled experiments to assess the effects of specific environmental factors on selected plant species. Choose appropriate variables and controls to ensure reliable results.
  • Data Collection: Collect data on plant growth, development, and relevant environmental parameters throughout the experiments using appropriate scientific tools and techniques.
  • Data Analysis: Utilize numeracy skills to analyze and interpret the collected data, employing statistical methods to determine significant correlations and trends.

Conclusion: Summarize the research findings, drawing meaningful conclusions regarding the influence of environmental factors on plant growth and development.

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Assignment Brief 2 : integrate numeracy skills in analysing, organizing and summarizing research.

In this section, you are required to demonstrate your numeracy skills in handling the data collected during the plant growth experiments. Perform the following tasks:

  • Data Analysis: Employ statistical methods to analyze the collected data, including measures of central tendency, variability, and correlation analysis.
  • Data Visualization: Organize the data into charts, graphs, and tables to visually represent the findings effectively.
  • Interpretation: Use your numeracy skills to interpret the data and identify significant patterns or trends in the plant growth under different environmental conditions.
  • Summary: Summarize the key findings in a concise and clear manner, using numerical evidence to support your conclusions.

Assignment Brief 3 : give effective oral presentations of the research findings. Assess their potential for further research studies.


The purpose of this oral presentation is to communicate the research findings on how environmental factors influence plant growth and development. Additionally, the presentation should assess the potential for further research studies in this area.

Presentation Outline:


Briefly introduce the topic and its significance in the field of biology.

State the research objectives and provide an overview of the methodology.

  • Literature Review:

Summarize key findings from the literature review to set the context for the study.

Highlight the gaps in existing knowledge that this research aimed to address.

  • Experimental Design:

Explain the design of the experiments and the rationale behind selecting specific environmental factors and plant species.

Briefly discuss the data collection process.

  • Data Analysis and Results:

Present the analyzed data using visual aids such as graphs and charts.

Describe the observed trends and significant correlations.


Summarize the main findings and their implications for the understanding of plant biology.

Discuss any unexpected results and possible reasons for them.

Assessment of Further Research Studies:

Evaluate the potential for future research based on the outcomes of this study.

Identify areas that require further investigation and propose potential research directions.

Q&A Session:
Engage the audience by inviting questions and providing insightful answers.

Assignment Brief 4 : adhere self learning through continuous academic and professional development

In this section, you are required to outline your plan for continuous academic and professional development. Consider the following points:

Academic Development:

  • Identify specific areas within biology that interest you the most and plan to deepen your knowledge in those areas.
  • Enroll in relevant online courses, attend seminars, and participate in workshops to expand your understanding of specialized topics.
  • Engage with academic literature regularly to stay updated with the latest advancements in the field.

    Professional Development:

  • Seek internships or volunteer opportunities in research laboratories or organizations focused on biology and environmental sciences.
  • Attend conferences and symposiums to network with professionals and gain insights into current research trends.
  • Join professional associations related to biology to access resources and connect with experts in the field.

    Skill Development:

  • Identify areas where you need improvement, such as data analysis, scientific writing, or presentation skills, and dedicate time to enhance those skills.
  • Consider taking online courses or workshops specifically focused on developing these skills.

    Mentorship and Collaboration:

  • Seek out mentors or advisors who can guide you in your academic and professional journey.
  • Collaborate with peers and colleagues on research projects to gain diverse perspectives and foster teamwork.

    Personal Growth:

  • Maintain a growth mindset and embrace challenges as opportunities for learning.
  • Regularly reflect on your progress and set new goals for self-improvemen By adhering to this plan for continuous learning and development, you will ensure your growth as a biologist and contribute meaningfully to the field of research.

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