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Chm520 Physical Chemistry II Assignment Answer, UITM, Malaysia

This course, CHM520 Physical Chemistry II at UiTM, Malaysia, delves into thermodynamics, electrochemistry, and radiochemistry. Students actively engage with these subjects, defining concepts, making predictions, and conducting laboratory experiments. In lectures, results from these investigations are discussed in relation to established laws and theories, using a mix of traditional lectures and problem-based learning. Assessment methods include paper examinations, informal interviews, and classroom participation.

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In brief, CHM520 explores thermodynamics, electrochemistry, and radiochemistry, fostering critical thinking and scientific inquiry among students.

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Assignment Task 1: Apply Concepts for Thermodynamics, Solutions of Electrolytes, Electrochemical Cells, and Radiochemistry

In this task, you are required to apply key concepts from the fields of thermodynamics, solutions of electrolytes, electrochemical cells, and radiochemistry to real-world situations or problems.


Consider an industrial process, such as the production of ammonia, and analyze it using the first and second laws of thermodynamics. Assess the energy efficiency and feasibility of the process.

Solutions of Electrolytes: 2. Investigate a scenario where you have a mixture of ionic compounds dissolved in a solvent. Calculate the ionic strength, activity coefficients, and determine the activity of individual ions within the solution.

Electrochemical Cells: 3. Design a simple electrochemical cell, such as a galvanic cell or a fuel cell, and describe the components involved, including the anode, cathode, and electrolyte. Calculate the cell potential and discuss its practical applications.

Radiochemistry: 4. Explore the use of radioactive isotopes in the medical field, such as in diagnostic imaging or cancer treatment. Explain the principles behind radiopharmaceuticals and the radiation safety measures in place.

Assignment Task 2: Apply Concepts for Thermodynamics, Solutions of Electrolytes, Electrochemical Cells, and Radiochemistry


Investigate a scenario involving an energy conversion process, like a car engine or a power plant. Apply the laws of thermodynamics to analyze the efficiency and limitations of the system, and propose improvements.

Solutions of Electrolytes: 2. Examine the behavior of a specific electrolyte solution (e.g., a strong acid or base) in terms of its pH, conductivity, and concentration. Discuss how the addition of other substances or changes in temperature affect its properties.

Electrochemical Cells: 3. Choose a practical example of an electrochemical cell, such as a lead-acid battery in a car. Analyze the chemical reactions occurring at the anode and cathode, calculate cell potential, and explain how the battery operates.

Radiochemistry: 4. Explore the application of radioisotopes in environmental monitoring, particularly in the study of water pollution or soil contamination. Describe the methods used to detect and quantify radioactive contaminants and their environmental implications.

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Assignment Task 3: Solve Qualitative & Quantitative Problems Algebraically and Numerically

In this task, you are required to work on both qualitative and quantitative problems, employing algebraic and numerical methods to find solutions. The problems can be drawn from various fields, but they should focus on demonstrating your problem-solving skills.

Qualitative Problem:

Analyze a chemical reaction and determine the type of reaction it is (e.g., synthesis, decomposition, redox) based on the given reactants and products. Explain your reasoning.

Quantitative Problem: 2. Calculate the heat transfer in a calorimetry experiment using the principles of thermodynamics. Given the mass of the substances involved, initial and final temperatures, and specific heat capacities, determine the heat exchanged.

Assignment Task 4: Solve Qualitative & Quantitative Problems Algebraically and Numerically

Qualitative Problem:

Investigate a scenario involving an electrochemical cell and deduce the cell potential. Analyze the redox reactions occurring at the anode and cathode and calculate the overall cell potential.

Quantitative Problem: 2. Solve a stoichiometry problem involving the preparation of a specific concentration of a solution. Calculate the amount of solute needed, taking into account the molar mass and volume requirements.

Assignment Task 5: Conduct and Communicate in Writing Scientific Investigation on Thermodynamics, Solutions of Electrolytes, Electrochemical Cells, and Radiochemistry

Objective: For this task, you will conduct a scientific investigation in one of the specified areas (thermodynamics, solutions of electrolytes, electrochemical cells, or radiochemistry) and communicate your findings in writing.


  • Select one of the areas (e.g., thermodynamics) and choose a specific topic or problem to investigate, such as a thermodynamic cycle analysis or a study on entropy changes in a chemical process.
  • Design and carry out experiments or simulations to collect relevant data, adhering to proper scientific methods.
  • Analyze the data obtained, apply relevant scientific theories and principles, and draw conclusions based on your findings.
  • Prepare a detailed written report that includes an introduction, methods, results, discussion, and conclusion sections. Make sure to provide clear and concise explanations, including any equations, graphs, and data analysis.
  • Discuss the implications of your investigation, its significance, and potential applications in the chosen area.
  • Cite and reference relevant scientific literature, textbooks, or other sources that informed your work.
  • Ensure that your report adheres to scientific writing conventions, including clarity, precision, and proper referencing.

By conducting a scientific investigation in one of the specified areas and communicating your findings effectively, you will demonstrate your ability to conduct research and convey scientific information in writing.

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