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Chm524  Advanced Physical Chemistry Assignment Answer, UITM, Malaysia

Chm524 Advanced Physical Chemistry at UiTM, Malaysia, is an advanced course focusing on thermodynamics, electrochemistry, and quantum mechanics. This course encourages interactive and scientific engagement, enabling students to define concepts, make predictions, and conduct laboratory investigations. Lecture sessions blend traditional teaching with problem-based learning, emphasizing the connection between investigation results and existing scientific principles. 

Assessment methods encompass traditional exams, informal interviews, and classroom participation. In addition, this assignment sample is provided to offer students an idea of the course requirements. Please note that this sample is for reference purposes only and not submitted by actual students.

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Assignment Task 1: Discuss algebraically and numerically in quantitative and qualitative related to thermodynamics, solutions of electrolytes, quantum mechanics and radiochemistry.

In this assignment, you are expected to provide a thorough explanation and analysis of the topics related to thermodynamics, solutions of electrolytes, quantum mechanics, and radiochemistry. Your discussion should cover both quantitative aspects, where you use mathematical equations and calculations to support your points, and qualitative aspects, where you explain the underlying principles, theories, and characteristics of these subjects.

For thermodynamics, you might discuss concepts like entropy and enthalpy, while for electrolyte solutions, you could explore factors affecting conductivity. In quantum mechanics, you could delve into wave-particle duality, and in radiochemistry, you might analyze radioactive decay. Use equations, theories, and practical examples to illustrate your points and ensure a comprehensive understanding of these complex topics.

Assignment Task 2: Display practical skills in experimental labs related to thermodynamics, solutions of electrolytes, quantum mechanics and radiochemistry

In this assignment, you will be required to demonstrate your practical laboratory skills within the context of thermodynamics, solutions of electrolytes, quantum mechanics, and radiochemistry. This involves actively applying your theoretical knowledge to real-world experimental settings.

For instance, in the thermodynamics portion, you might be tasked with conducting experiments related to heat transfer or phase changes. In solutions of electrolytes, you could perform experiments to determine conductance or investigate colligative properties. In quantum mechanics, hands-on demonstrations might relate to the behavior of particles at the quantum level. And in radiochemistry, you might conduct experiments involving the measurement of radioactive decay rates or the use of radioisotopes.

The aim of this assignment is to assess your ability to translate theoretical concepts into practical actions within a laboratory environment and to develop your skills in conducting experiments in these specific areas of physical chemistry.

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Assignment Task 3: Conduct scientific experiments related to thermodynamics, solutions of electrolytes, quantum mechanics and radiochemistry

This assignment requires you to plan and conduct scientific experiments related to the fields of thermodynamics, solutions of electrolytes, quantum mechanics, and radiochemistry.

For thermodynamics, you may design experiments to investigate heat transfer, phase transitions, or thermodynamic properties of materials. In the context of solutions of electrolytes, your experiments could focus on conductivity, solubility, or colligative properties of electrolyte solutions. In quantum mechanics, you might set up experiments to explore phenomena like wave-particle duality or the behavior of particles at the quantum level. In radiochemistry, experiments could involve the measurement of radioisotope decay rates or the use of radioactive materials for specific applications.

The purpose of this task is to assess your ability to plan and execute scientific experiments within these specific branches of physical chemistry, thereby gaining practical insights and skills in the field.

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