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CMT560 Advanced Analytical Investigation UITM Assignment Example Malaysia

The CMT560 Advanced Analytical Investigation course at UiTM in Malaysia focuses on the design and theory of modern instrumental techniques for applied chemical analysis. Students engage in discussions with assigned lecturers to stay updated on current developments in chemical analysis. 

The CMT560  course employs problem-based learning through case studies and discussions, cultivating critical thinking skills in sample treatment technique selection, method development, data interpretation, and statistical evaluation for scientific investigations. 

Students showcase their understanding through paper-based reports and oral presentations, which are assessed for grading. The course emphasizes practical applications, encouraging active participation and fostering a comprehensive understanding of advanced analytical techniques in the realm of chemical analysis.

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Assignment Task 1: Summarize and gather the information on scientific concepts of specific case study followed by discussion with the assigned instructor in applied chemistry analysis.

The applied chemistry case study involves the analysis of a specific problem within the realm of applied chemistry. The key scientific concepts underlying the case study can be summarized as follows:

  • Problem Identification: Identify and define the specific issue or challenge in applied chemistry that forms the basis of the case study. This could range from problems in industrial processes, environmental concerns, material synthesis, or any other relevant area.
  • Chemical Principles: Examine the fundamental chemical principles relevant to the case study. This includes understanding the chemical reactions, kinetics, thermodynamics, and other principles that may be central to the issue at hand.
  • Analytical Techniques: Discuss the analytical techniques employed in the case study for data collection and analysis. This could involve spectroscopy, chromatography, titration, or other methods used to characterize and quantify substances.
  • Material Properties: If the case study involves the development or modification of materials, delve into the properties of these materials. Discuss aspects such as conductivity, stability, solubility, and any other relevant material characteristics.
  • Safety Considerations: Highlight any safety considerations or hazards associated with the chemical processes involved in the case study. Discuss protocols and measures taken to ensure the safety of personnel and the environment.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Investigate whether the applied chemistry processes adhere to relevant regulatory standards and guidelines. This may include environmental regulations, safety standards, and ethical considerations.

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Assignment Task 2: Organize and write a scientific report or a journal paper on the applied chemistry case study

Provide a concise summary of the case study, outlining the problem, methodologies employed, and key findings.


  • Background information on the applied chemistry issue.
  • Objectives of the study.

Literature Review:

  • Review of existing research and literature related to the case study.
  • Identification of gaps in knowledge.


  • Detailed explanation of the experimental or analytical methods used.
  • Justification for chosen methodologies.

Results and Discussion:

  • Presentation and analysis of data.
  • Discussion of findings in the context of scientific concepts and principles.


  • Summarize key findings.
  • Discuss the implications of the results.


  • Provide recommendations for further research or practical applications.


  • Cite all sources used in the report.

Assignment Task 3: Defend possible solutions to solve applied chemistry case study problems orally in a presentation

Prepare an oral presentation defending possible solutions to the applied chemistry case study problems. The presentation should cover:

Problem Recap:

  • Briefly restate the identified problem from the case study.

Proposed Solutions:

  • Present and defend possible solutions to address the identified issues.
  • Justify the chosen solutions based on scientific principles and evidence.

Implementation Plan:

  • Outline a plan for implementing the proposed solutions.
  • Discuss potential challenges and mitigation strategies.

Benefits and Impact:

  • Highlight the anticipated benefits of the proposed solutions.
  • Discuss the broader impact on the field of applied chemistry.

Q&A Session:

  • Encourage questions and engage in a discussion with the audience, addressing concerns and providing additional clarification.

Ensure that the oral presentation effectively communicates the scientific rigor behind the proposed solutions and demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of the applied chemistry concepts involved in the case study.

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