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IMC406 Information And Library Skills (Library Skills) UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

IMC406 Information And Library Skills is a course every college student should take. It equips students with information literacy skills and an understanding of the library that comes with being actively engaged in the learning process. While this class may be intimidating due to its academic nature, it helps students understand the library resources available to them and how they can be used appropriately.

With knowledge of these resources, students will have the capacity to find necessary information quickly and easily, becoming more efficient in their studies. Additionally, IMC406 Information And Library Skills provide insight into basic research principles students can use to organize and evaluate information.

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In this article, we will cover a few assignment activities. They include:

Assignment Activity 1: Identify the concept of information sources and services, access, evaluation, and its use in acquiring information related to the Information Management field and in other disciplines. 

Information sources and services are an integral part of the Information Management field, but they can also be utilized in other disciplines. Accessing these sources is a key step in gathering relevant information. Once accessed, it is important to critically evaluate the information before use.

Information sources and services can provide a wealth of knowledge, but it is important to utilize information responsibly; validating accuracy, considering context, and making sure the content is appropriate for the intended purpose should all be taken into account. Properly accessing, evaluating, and using information from established sources are essential components of any successful knowledge acquisition process.

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Assignment Activity 2: Adapt information search for academic purposes in an ethical manner. 

Academic research can be a daunting task even for seasoned scholars, but the quality and success of scholarly activities is often determined by how effectively information is gathered. It is essential to develop and adhere to an ethical standard for searching for, referencing, and sharing information.

Resources such as open-access journals, digital libraries, and university databases are available to facilitate the acquisition and distribution of valuable academic resources without compromising the integrity of their content or violating intellectual property or copyright laws. No matter what type of search is conducted, it is important that the process remains honest and respectful in order to produce quality results. By approaching research in this way, students can ensure they are becoming informed stakeholders in their own learning goals.

Assignment Activity 3: Demonstrate the use of ICT for effective, successful, and systematic access to printed and electronic information resources.

ICT (Information and Communication Technology) can facilitate effective and systematic access to both printed and electronic information resources. By taking advantage of online databases, libraries can efficiently expand the reach of their collections. For example, interlibrary loan systems enable libraries to leverage the holdings of other institutions in order to locate items that are not part of their own collection.

In addition, ICT can aid in digitizing physical resources, allowing users access to a wider range of materials than ever before. Developments such as open-access journals further promote access by eliminating certain economic barriers. Ultimately, while ICT has the potential to improve access to information resources, institutions must consistently assess efficacy in order to ensure successful outcomes.

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