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ECC563 Research Methodology Assignment Sample UiTM Malaysia

Research methodology provides the study with a solid foundation by providing knowledge about what questions to ask, how they should be asked (e.g., through surveys or interviews), where data comes from etcetera; essentially everything that’s needed for conducting effective studies in order collects good quality information on demand which can then later form part of your dissertation/thesis paper – creating an academically strong record both before readers as well as future researchers who might want access to this type work done at any given time.

There are many different types of research methodology, but the three most commonly used in the social sciences are surveys, interviews, and observations.

Surveys involve sending out questionnaires to a large number of people and then analysing the responses. This is a good method for collecting quantitative data (i.e. data that can be expressed in numbers) but can be more difficult to use for qualitative data (i.e. data that describes people’s opinions or experiences).

Interviews involve asking people questions in person or over the phone. This is a good method for collecting both quantitative and qualitative data, as it allows you to ask follow-up questions to get more information.

Observations involve watching people in their natural environment. This is a good method for collecting qualitative data, as it allows you to see how people behave in real-world situations.

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Assignment Brief 1: Critically Prepare The Literature Review And Design An Experimental Procedure To Solve The Research Problem.

Critically preparing the literature review and designing an experimental procedure to solve the research problem are two very important steps in the research process. The literature review helps to Identify relevant previous research on the topic, assesses the quality of that research, and synthesizes what is known. The design of the experiment should be based on a clear understanding of what is already known about the topic and what unanswered questions remain. This answer will provide an overview of both steps and offer some tips for completing them.

The literature review is a crucial first step in the research process. Its purpose is to Identify relevant previous research on the topic, assess the quality of that research, and synthesize what is known. A good literature review will help to define the research problem, give context to the proposed study, and identify any gaps in existing knowledge. To complete a literature review, it is important to use a variety of resources, including academic databases, Google Scholar, and library catalogues. It is also helpful to consult with experts in the field to get their perspectives on the existing body of research.

Assignment Brief 2: Prepare A Research Proposal Related To The Selected Topic. 

When you are ready to write a research proposal, it is important to keep in mind that there is no one right way to do this. Depending on your discipline and the specific requirements of your funding body or institution, the details of how you craft your proposal will vary. However, some core elements are common to most proposals, and it is these that we will focus on here.

Before you begin writing, it is helpful to have a clear sense of what you want your proposal to achieve. Are you hoping to secure funding for a specific project? Or are you simply trying to get permission to undertake research in a certain area? Once you know the purpose of your proposal, it will be easier to identify its target audience and the best way to communicate with them.

Your proposal should be clear, concise, and well-organized. It should also be tailored to the specific requirements of your funding body or institution. In general, a research proposal should include the following sections:

  • An introduction to your research topic and an overview of why it is important
  • A literature review, outlining the most important previous research on your topic
  • A description of your proposed research project, including its aims, methodology, and expected outcomes
  • An explanation of how your research will contribute to our understanding of the topic

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Assignment Brief 3: Apply The Principles And Techniques Of Scientific Research And Its Process (Research Problem, Research Questions And Research Objectives). 

Research Problem: The problem that this research is trying to address is the lack of knowledge on how different types of chocolate can affect human health.

Research Questions And Research Objectives: The specific questions that the researchers are looking to answer through their study are: What are the health effects of consuming dark, milk and white chocolate? How do these different types of chocolate compare in terms of their nutritional content? And what mechanisms might be responsible for any potential health benefits or adverse effects associated with consuming them? The objectives of the study, therefore, include identifying any differences in nutritional content between the three types of chocolate, assessing the potential health effects associated with consuming them, and determining which, if any, nutrients or bioactive compounds in chocolate might be responsible for these effects.

The researchers will use a variety of methods to answer these questions, including conducting a literature review, assessing the nutritional content of different types of chocolate, and carrying out studies on human subjects. In terms of the latter, the researchers will use a combination of observational and experimental approaches. Observational studies will involve assessing the health outcomes of people who regularly consume chocolate, while experimental studies will involve giving people different types of chocolate to see how their health is affected.

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