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TPS350 Development Planning Project UITM Assignment Sample, Malaysia

The TPS350 Development Planning Project at UITM, Malaysia, is designed to guide students through the process of creating a comprehensive development project. This course focuses on addressing significant local issues with strategic importance, aiming to enhance the study area’s economic, social, and environmental aspects. 

Students will learn to formulate a development project that not only preserves but also improves the study area. The project’s outcomes, including an Inception Report, Technical Report, Detail Layout, and Development Brief, are essential for local planning authorities to attract investments and secure development grants. The size of the study area will be determined by the local planning authority’s recommendations.

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Assignment Task 1: Prepare various types of survey information related to the preparation of Development Planning Project

The assignment task you’ve mentioned involves preparing various types of survey information related to the preparation of a Development Planning Project. Let me break down the task for you:

Development Planning Project: This refers to a project that focuses on the planned development of a particular area or sector. It could involve infrastructure development, urban planning, economic development, or any other form of planned growth.

Survey Information: Surveys are data collection methods used to gather information from a sample of people or entities to understand specific aspects of a project or issue. Survey information can include a wide range of data, such as opinions, preferences, facts, and statistics.

Various Types: This implies that you need to collect different kinds of survey data. The types of surveys can vary, including:

  • Demographic Surveys: Collecting information about the characteristics of the population, such as age, gender, income, and education.
  •  Needs Assessment Surveys: Identifying the specific needs and priorities of the community or stakeholders affected by the development project.
  •  Environmental Surveys: Assessing the environmental impact of the project, including factors like air quality, water quality, and biodiversity.
  • Market Surveys: Analyzing the market conditions and demand for the project’s products or services.
  •  Infrastructure Surveys: Evaluating the existing infrastructure and identifying what improvements are required.
  •  Economic Surveys: Gathering economic data like income levels, employment rates, and economic trends in the project area.

Preparation: This involves collecting and organizing the survey information in a way that can be used for the planning and decision-making processes of the Development Planning Project.

In summary, your assignment requires you to collect and present a variety of survey information that is relevant to the planning of a development project. This information will be crucial for understanding the needs, challenges, and opportunities associated with the project, and for making informed decisions to ensure its successful implementation.

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Assignment Task 2: Evaluate issues of the study area

Assignment Task 2 involves the evaluation of issues within a specific study area. Here’s an explanation of this task:

  • Study Area: This refers to the particular geographic or thematic area that is the focus of your research or assignment. It could be a neighborhood, city, region, or a specific subject matter. For example, it could be an urban development project, an environmental study, a business case, or any other area of investigation.
  • Evaluate Issues: In this context, “evaluate” means to assess, analyze, and understand the various challenges, problems, or concerns that are present within the chosen study area. These issues may relate to social, economic, environmental, political, or any other relevant aspects.

To complete this task, you would typically:

  • Identify the major issues or problems within the study area.
  • Collect relevant data and information to understand the extent and impact of these issues.
  • Analyze the root causes or contributing factors to these issues.
  • Consider potential solutions or strategies to address these problems.

The outcome of this task is often a report or presentation that outlines the issues within the study area and provides recommendations or insights on how to address them effectively. It’s an important step in the planning and decision-making process for projects, policies, or initiatives related to the study area.

Assignment Task 3: Apply design principles and creative concepts to produce detailed development Planning Project layout and associated development brief

Assignment Task 3 involves the application of design principles and creative concepts to create a detailed layout for a Development Planning Project. Here’s an explanation of this task:

  • Design Principles: Design principles refer to the fundamental guidelines and concepts that govern the organization, structure, and aesthetics of a project’s layout. These principles can include factors such as balance, unity, contrast, hierarchy, alignment, and more. Applying design principles helps ensure that the project layout is visually appealing and effective.
  • Creative Concepts: Creative concepts involve innovative and unique ideas or approaches that can make the project layout stand out and achieve its objectives. These concepts can relate to the visual style, functionality, and overall design of the project.
  • Detailed Development Planning Project Layout: This component of the task requires you to create a comprehensive and detailed layout or design for the Development Planning Project. This layout may include maps, architectural plans, digital representations, or any visual elements that help convey the project’s scope, design, and objectives.
  • Development Brief: A development brief is a document that outlines the key objectives, requirements, and constraints of a development project. It provides a clear understanding of what needs to be achieved in the project and sets the framework for the design and planning process.

To complete this task, you would typically:

  • Apply design principles to create a visually appealing and functional layout for the Development Planning Project.
  • Incorporate creative concepts that make the layout unique or innovative, ensuring it meets the project’s goals and objectives.
  • Develop a detailed plan that includes all the necessary elements and information required for the project, taking into consideration the specific requirements and constraints outlined in the development brief.

The outcome of this task is a well-designed and detailed layout for the Development Planning Project, accompanied by a development brief that provides a clear roadmap for the project’s implementation. This visual representation and accompanying documentation are essential for conveying the project’s vision to stakeholders, obtaining approvals, and guiding the development process.

Assignment Task 4: Organize the presentations of data analysis and final layout design proposals

Assignment Task 4 involves organizing the presentation of data analysis and final layout design proposals. Here’s an explanation of this task:

  1. Data Analysis: Data analysis refers to the process of examining and interpreting data collected during the research or study related to your project. This analysis could involve statistical techniques, qualitative assessments, or other methods to derive meaningful insights from the data.
  2. Final Layout Design Proposals: This refers to the conclusive design plans or proposals for the layout of a project. These proposals are based on the analysis of data and considerations related to the project’s objectives and requirements.

To complete this task, you would typically:

  • Prepare a presentation that effectively communicates the results of your data analysis. This may involve creating charts, graphs, and visual representations of the data to make it more understandable for your audience.
  • Present the final layout design proposals, which include the visual and structural plans for the project. This could involve showcasing architectural drawings, design mock-ups, or any other relevant materials that illustrate the proposed layout.
  • Organize your presentation in a clear and structured manner, ensuring that your audience can follow the logic and conclusions derived from the data analysis and understand the details of the layout design proposals.
  • Justify your design proposals based on the insights and findings from the data analysis. Explain how the design addresses the issues or requirements identified in the earlier phases of the project.
  • Address any questions or concerns from your audience and seek feedback or approval for the proposed layout design.

The outcome of this task is a well-structured presentation that effectively communicates the relationship between the data analysis and the final layout design proposals. This step is crucial in the decision-making process and in gaining support or approval for the project.

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