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FIN323 Finance Of International Trade UITM Assignment Answer Malaysia

FIN323 Finance Of International Trade provides an overview of the financing of international trade and the risks associated with it. The course covers topics such as foreign exchange, interest rates, and country risk. It also looks at the different ways in which companies can finance their international trade, including trade financing, export financing, and project financing.

In addition, the course examines the role of financial institutions in international trade and the regulations that govern it. By the end of the course, students will have a good understanding of the financial aspects of international trade, and the risks involved.

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Assignment Task 1: Explain the nature, scope, and mode of operation of international trade finance.

The nature of international trade finance is that it is a means by which international trade can take place without the need for cash upfront. This is done by having the importer and exporter agree to terms where the importer pays for the goods at a later date, but with interest.

The scope of international trade finance can be very broad, as it includes everything from short-term Letters of Credit (LCs) to long-term loans. It can also include more creative solutions, such as factoring or using trade credit insurance.

International trade finance usually operates through one or more financial institutions, such as banks or export credit agencies. The financial institution will work with both the importer and exporter to come up with a financing solution that meets their needs. In some cases, the financial institution may also provide other services, such as risk management or advisory services.

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Assignment Task 2: Demonstrate managerial skills and entrepreneurship in. decision-making for financial alternative strategies.

As a manager, you will need to make decisions about which financial strategies to use in order to finance your company’s international trade. There are many different options available, and each has its own benefits and risks. You will need to weigh these factors carefully in order to make the best decision for your company.

Some of the options that you may consider include trade financing, export financing, and project financing. Each of these has its own advantages and disadvantages, so you will need to evaluate each carefully in order to choose the best option for your company.

You will also need to be aware of the risks involved in each of these options. For example, trade financing is often more expensive than other options, and there is always the risk that the goods will not be delivered as agreed. Export financing may also be more expensive, but it can provide more protection against non-payment.

You will need to use your managerial skills and entrepreneurship to make the best decision for your company. Remember that there is no single right answer, so you will need to use your judgment in order to choose the best option for your company.

Assignment Task 3: Demonstrate communication skills through quantitative and qualitative data related to financial strategies.

In order to effectively communicate about financial strategies, you will need to be able to use both quantitative and qualitative data.

Quantitative data is important in order to understand the numbers behind the strategies. This can include things like interest rates, repayment terms, and risk ratings. Qualitative data is also important in order to understand the impact of the strategies. This can include things like case studies, customer reviews, and expert opinions.

You will need to be able to effectively communicate both types of data in order to make the best case for your chosen strategy. Remember that there is no single right answer, so you will need to use your judgment in order to choose the best option for your company.

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