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BMS413 Cells And Life UITM Assignment Answer Malaysia

BMS413 Cells and Life is an introductory course in cell biology offered at UITM Malaysia. The course provides students with fundamental knowledge about cell structures and functions in both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. Topics covered in the syllabus include DNA and cellular reproduction, cell membrane, cell transport, and ethical issues in science and technology.

Throughout the course, students will explore the intricacies of cellular processes, understanding how genetic material is passed on during reproduction, and the vital roles played by cell membranes and transport mechanisms. Moreover, the BMS413 course also addresses the ethical considerations that arise from advancements in science and technology.

Overall, BMS413 Cells and Life offers students a comprehensive foundation in cell biology, empowering them with essential knowledge to comprehend the workings of living organisms at the cellular level and fostering an understanding of ethical concerns in the field of science and technology.

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Assignment Brief 1 :  Illustrate principal mechanisms of cellular processes, cell division processes and their relationship to human diseases (PLO6-C3).

In this assignment, you are required to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the principal mechanisms of cellular processes and cell division processes. Moreover, you need to explore how these cellular mechanisms relate to various human diseases. Your task is to provide a clear and well-illustrated explanation of the following topics:

  1. Cellular Processes: 

Explain the fundamental cellular processes that govern the functioning of living organisms. These should include processes such as cell signaling, metabolism, gene expression, and cell communication. Use diagrams, flowcharts, and examples to enhance your explanation.

  1. Cell Division Processes: 

Illustrate the major cell division processes – mitosis and meiosis. Elaborate on their significance and how they contribute to the growth, development, and maintenance of multicellular organisms.

  1. Relationship to Human Diseases: 

Investigate the connection between cellular processes, cell division, and the occurrence of human diseases. Identify specific diseases caused by abnormalities in cellular processes or disruptions in cell division. Discuss the underlying molecular and cellular mechanisms responsible for these diseases.

Ensure that your assignment is supported by up-to-date scientific references and credible sources.

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Assignment Brief 2 : Demonstrate ethics and professionalism to science and technology in cell biology (PLO4-A3).

In this assignment, your objective is to exhibit a clear understanding of the ethical and professional aspects associated with advancements in science and technology within the field of cell biology. Your task is as follows:

  1. Ethical Considerations:

Investigate the ethical challenges and concerns related to cutting-edge research and technological developments in cell biology. Discuss topics such as gene editing, stem cell research, cloning, and the use of human tissues for research purposes. Analyze the potential benefits and risks, as well as the ethical implications of these practices.

  1. Professional Conduct:

 Explore the importance of professionalism and responsible conduct in cell biology research. Address issues such as data integrity, authorship, peer review, and conflicts of interest. Illustrate the significance of maintaining ethical standards in the scientific community.

  1. Case Studies:

 Provide real-life case studies or examples where ethical considerations played a crucial role in cell biology research and decision-making. Analyze the outcomes of these cases and draw insights on the importance of adhering to ethical principles.

Support your arguments with references to relevant ethical guidelines and codes of conduct in scientific research.

Assignment Brief 3 : Demonstrate information retrieval and management skills in tasks related in cell biology (PLO7-A3)

In this assignment, you will showcase your ability to retrieve and manage information effectively in the context of cell biology. Your task involves the following:

  1. Information Retrieval:

Demonstrate your proficiency in searching for relevant scientific literature and information related to specific topics in cell biology. Utilize various databases, search engines, and academic resources to retrieve up-to-date and reliable information.

  1. Information Management:

 Organize and synthesize the gathered information in a coherent manner. Create a systematic review or summary of the key findings related to your chosen topics in cell biology. Use appropriate citation and referencing styles to acknowledge the sources used.

  1. Critical Analysis: 

Analyze the quality and relevance of the information obtained. Evaluate the credibility of the sources and provide a critical assessment of the data presented in the literature.

Ensure that you employ proper referencing and citation techniques throughout the assignment, adhering to the required academic standards.

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