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FIN657 Issues And Ethics In Finance UITM Assignment Answer Malaysia

The FIN657 Issues And Ethics In Finance course is designed to introduce students to a variety of ethical issues that arise in the context of financial decision-making. The course will cover topics such as insider trading, conflicts of interest, and corporate governance. In addition, the course will explore the role of ethics in the financial industry more broadly. By the end of the course, students should have a better understanding of the ethical issues that arise in finance, and how to deal with them in a responsible way.

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Assignment Task 1: Demonstrate problem-solving and scientific skills in related financial issues.

Problem-solving and scientific skills are essential in related financial issues. The ability to identify a problem, gather evidence and data, and develop a solution is critical in addressing financial issues. Likewise, the ability to apply scientific principles to financial problems is essential in developing sound investment strategies. By demonstrating problem-solving and scientific skills in related financial issues, investors can increase their chances of success.

In addition, problem-solving and scientific skills can help investors to avoid potential pitfalls. For example, by understanding the role of emotion in decision-making, investors can avoid making impulsive decisions that may lead to losses. Furthermore, by applying basic economic principles, investors can better understand the market and make more informed investment choices. Ultimately, demonstration of problem-solving and scientific skills can lead to more successful investing.

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Assignment Task 2: Perform work practices professionally and ethically in addressing contemporary finance issues.

In order to professionally and ethically address contemporary finance issues, it is important to adhere to a code of conduct. The code of conduct should be designed to protect the interests of both the individual and the organization. In addition, the code of conduct should be transparent and accessible to all interested parties.

There are a number of ways in which an individual can professionally and ethically address contemporary finance issues. For example, an individual can seek to resolve conflicts of interest before they arise. In addition, an individual can ensure that all information is accurate and up-to-date. Furthermore, an individual can avoid making decisions that could be construed as self-serving. Ultimately, by adhering to a code of conduct, individuals can professionally and ethically address contemporary finance issues.

Assignment Task 3: Present new ideas and solutions from different perspectives including personal, local, national and global on finance-related issues.

When presenting new ideas and solutions to finance-related issues, it is important to consider a variety of perspectives. For example, personal experience can provide valuable insights into the way that financial systems work. In addition, local knowledge can be used to develop solutions that are relevant to a particular community. Furthermore, national and global perspectives can help to identify trends and develop solutions that are applicable on a larger scale. Ultimately, by considering a variety of perspectives, it is possible to develop more comprehensive and effective solutions to finance-related issues.

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