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FIN657 Issues And Ethics In Finance Assignment Answer Malaysia

FIN657 Issues And Ethics In Finance is a course that explores the ethical implications of financial decision-making. The course begins by examining the role of ethics in financial markets and the fiduciary duty of financial professionals. It then explores a variety of specific ethical issues, including insider trading, self-dealing, and conflicts of interest.

The course also considers the impact of recent financial scandals on public trust in the financial system. Throughout the course, students will have the opportunity to develop their own ethical framework for approaching financial decision-making.

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Assignment Task 1: Demonstrate problem-solving and scientific skills in related financial issues.

Problem-solving and scientific skills can be used to analyze financial issues and create effective strategies for managing money. For example, by examining data on past economic trends, a scientist might be able to predict future inflation rates or fluctuations in the stock market. This information could then be used to make smart investments and protect one’s finances.

Additionally, scientists are skilled at breaking down complex problems into smaller parts so that they can be more easily understood and solved. When it comes to financial matters, this ability can be extremely valuable in order to locate potential solutions to money-related issues.

In short, science offers a unique perspective that can be applied effectively toward analyzing and solving financial problems.

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Assignment Task 2: Perform work practices professionally and ethically in addressing contemporary finance issues.

When working with clients and investments, it is important to always act in a professional and ethical manner. This includes disclosing any financial interests that may bias our judgment, and never recommending investments that we do not believe to be in the best interest of our clients.

It is also important to remember that we are stewards of our client’s money, and must always put their interests first. This means behaving ethically and honestly in all dealings with them, even when it is not necessarily the most profitable thing to do. In the long run, this will help build trust between us and our clients, which is essential for a successful relationship.

Assignment Task 3: Present new ideas and solutions from a different perspective including personal, local, national, and global on finance-related issues. 

There are a variety of perspectives that can be brought to bear when discussing finance-related issues. For example, an individual’s personal financial situation can provide valuable insights into how a particular policy or proposed change might impact them.

Similarly, looking at finance-related issues from the perspective of local communities can give a more nuanced understanding of how different policies might play out in practice. By considering national and global implications, we can gain insights into how various policy decisions might affect economies and markets on a larger scale.

Bringing all of these different perspectives to bear can help us form well-informed opinions about important financial issues.

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