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IMC651 Research Methods for Information Works UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

IMC651 Research Methods for Information Works encourages students to become familiar with analytical concepts, research strategies, and skills necessary to understand content production, presentation, and consumption. It offers a unique approach to understanding the information landscape of disparate platforms, publishers, and consumers. This class provides real-world knowledge on topics such as market segmentation, data analysis, and social media capabilities.

Not only will this course help you become informed on effective techniques in research strategy and design, but it also emphasizes the importance of values in information works. Ultimately, IMC651 will provide you with the insight needed to strategically think about integrating information works into a context that produces meaningful connections across boundaries.

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Herein, we will analyze several assignment tasks, which include:

Assignment Task 1: Recognize the importance of academic research and the steps and processes involved.

Academic research is an invaluable tool in helping us better understand our world. By carefully documenting and analyzing information, we can gain a new level of insight into the unknown and spark greater curiosity through further inquiry. As such, understanding the steps and processes involved in research is vital to conducting rigorous scientific studies.

This often entails developing a thoughtful research question that gets to the core of an issue, utilizing appropriate data sources, carefully analyzing the findings, and then publishing or presenting those results for others to review. Across disciplines there may be different ways to approach this process of discovery; nevertheless, solid academic research remains a key pillar of progress and knowledge.

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Assignment Task 2: Evaluate critically the literature relevant to the research topic.

Critically evaluating the literature relevant to a research topic is of vital importance for any research project. By carefully assessing and analyzing existing literature, researchers can gain a better understanding of the subject matter and develop stronger methods for their work. As such, close inspection is mandatory in order to identify and fill any gaps in knowledge or perceived biases that may have been overlooked or ignored by other scholars and theorists.

Studying the literature associated with a given topic provides a strong foundation for building an effective research question and gaining in-depth insight into it. Furthermore, critically evaluating previously published texts enables researchers to draw meaningful conclusions from their findings. Ultimately, this form of evaluation can lead to valuable insights that could potentially shape future studies on the same or similar topics.

Assignment Task 3: Compose a research proposal that is methodologically sound and valid.

Crafting a valid research proposal involves carefully considering the research question, objectives, and methodology. It is essential to take into account the desired results of the research and the resources available to obtain that information. Thorough consideration should be given to the methodological strategies and tools used in order to produce sound, reliable findings.

To ensure accuracy, researchers must think critically and innovatively about their approaches and seek out expert opinions when needed. As such, a research proposal that is methodologically sound requires thoughtful deliberation on various factors of the undertaking as well as having internal and external integrity considerate of all stakeholders involved in producing meaningful and actionable outputs.

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