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IMC651 Valuation Of Information Services UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

The IMC651 Valuation Of Information Services course is a unique and exciting opportunity to explore the world of data and information technology from an analytical perspective. This in-depth course provides a comprehensive introduction to the principles of finance, strategy, and economics related to digital assets and intellectual property, taking students through all the stages from market analysis to asset evaluation.

In addition to delving into techniques for examining and interpreting business performance metrics, this course also covers topics such as competitive intelligence, advanced analytics techniques, and IT asset valuations. With these invaluable industry skills, students will be equipped with the knowledge necessary to properly value any kind of information service or digital asset.

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Assignment Brief 1: Recognize the importance of academic research and the steps and processes involved.

Academic research is an essential element of experiential learning and provides students with the opportunity to understand complex theories and invaluable insights into a variety of disciplines. To get the most from academic research, it can be helpful to plan in advance and break the process into manageable steps. Reading source material, evaluating its reliability, formulating a hypothesis or research question and then making an argument based on evidence are all key aspects of competitive academic research.

Taking good notes and having a system for archiving sources are also vitally important as they facilitate synthesis and help structure the resulting essay or dissertation. Ultimately, engaging in quality academic research helps foster greater critical thinking skills which aids in developing a deeper understanding of any given subject matter, setting students up for success at university and beyond.

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Assignment Brief 2: Evaluate critically the literature relevant to the research topic.

Critical evaluation of the relevant literature is an essential part of sound research. By researching previously published articles on the same topic, a researcher can gain a better understanding of the field and develop an informed approach to their investigation. At the same time, reading prior studies helps to avoid unintentional replication of work, as well as identify areas of disagreement among researchers and plan further investigations.

While evaluation can be subjective in its nature, various established frameworks exist which can provide structure to the process by providing criteria to evaluate the content and make comparisons between pieces. It is thus invaluable that researchers take a rigorous stance in appraising any literature pertinent to their topic before beginning their study.

Assignment Brief 3: Compose a research proposal that is methodologically sound and valid.

A well-drafted research proposal should include a variety of methodologies which are both sound and valid. From the outset, it’s essential to determine what type of data collection strategy will be used as part of the research process. To ensure rigor, it is also important to decide upon a reliable method of analysis that can accurately interpret the results.

Additionally, identifying any potential pitfalls or issues before beginning research is paramount in ensuring that findings are robust and relevant to the problem being addressed. Finally, creating a clear theoretical framework for exploring and understanding the problem under investigation is a cornerstone for developing an effective study design. When all these elements are considered from within a methodological perspective, a researcher can approach their project with confidence that their research proposal will be valid, rigorous and insightful.

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