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IMS654 Information System Project Management UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

IMS654 Information System Project Management is a course that encompasses the best theories, practices, and tools of IT project management. It prepares students to define and manage tasks necessary to plan, implement and adopt IT projects. In this class, students are able to further their knowledge in overseeing projects from initiation to completion through case studies, lecture activities, and collaborations with other students.

They will attain knowledge of software development methodologies, agile techniques, stakeholder identification strategies, strategies for measuring project performance, teambuilding techniques for remote teams, and more. Ultimately arming them with the skills necessary to successfully complete IT projects on time and within budget.

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At this point, we have outlined the following assignment tasks:

Assignment Task 1: Discuss the components of effective project management, the role of project management software methodologies, standards, and project management professional bodies in the industry in the management of Information Systems (IS) and Information Technology (IT) projects.

Effective project management requires multiple components to ensure the successful completion of a project. These components include a strong focus on understanding customer needs and expectations, pre-project planning, team composition, target-setting and deadlines, resource allocation and utilization, and risk management.

Project Management Software Methodologies provide an efficient way of organizing workflows and streamlining tasks while aiding in communication between teams by establishing standards and compliance guidelines. These methodologies can be applied to any industry but are particularly important for Information Systems (IS) and Information Technology (IT).

Professional organizations such as PMI (Project Management Institute) provide tools such as the guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge that sets the standard for practices within these industries. Such professional bodies also offer certifications which showcase academic knowledge as well as experience in IS/IT related project management. All these components are instrumental in managing any IS/IT project successfully.

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Assignment Task 2: Adopt concepts, techniques, and decision tools that are used by information systems project managers to propose, plan, secure resources, budget, and lead project teams to the successful completion of their projects.

Mastering the concepts, techniques, and decision tools used by information systems project managers is key to developing the skills necessary for successful project management. Taking the time to understand how they influence the proposal, planning, resource procurement, budgeting and team leading activities can help create reliable and cost-effective results.

Thoughtful consideration should be put into adopting these useful components of sound project management in order to benefit from their knowledge. By utilizing these concepts, techniques and decision-making tools, managers can create an environment that reliably leads projects to their ultimate goal: completion.

Assignment Task 3: Design an effective project communication plan, human resource management plan, risk management plan and procurement management plan in the management of IS/IT projects.

Designing effective plans is essential in the management of IS/IT projects – including project communication, human resource management, risk management and procurement management plans. A thorough assessment of each area’s needs must be conducted before developing a plan.

This includes evaluating the personnel resources needed for a successful project, devising an approach to manage risks that could impede the completion of a project, and determining what materials are necessary to bring the project to fruition. After deciding how these components will work together in the project’s framework, implementing and monitoring measures should also be taken into consideration.

Specifically, communication efforts should facilitate regular progress reports, resources should be monitored regularly so they can be appropriately allocated, risk analysis must be conducted in order to adjust any unfavorable outcomes that could arise and better understand any potential obstacles, and financial assets should be considered when considering the procurement of resources needed for a successful outcome. Following through with these processes can guarantee that each component of IS/IT project management will increase productivity levels while minimizing costs.

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