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IMR504 Classification And Filing System UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

The IMR504 Classification and Filing System is designed to offer society a uniform and streamlined way to organize, maintain and retrieve important records. This system allows users from both the public and private sectors to easily access relevant documents in a fraction of the time it would normally take them to find what they are looking for.

Additionally, the system is highly secure, which ensures that records are available only when necessary and unauthorized disclosure is minimized. For these reasons, the IMR504 Classification and Filing System has been utilized by a variety of organizations around the world.

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In this section, let’s review some assignment briefs. Here they are:

Assignment Brief 1: Describe the objectives of the classification and filing system according to standing procedures.

The primary objective of the classification and filing system is to make it easier to store, retrieve, analyze, and share information. It also helps save time by automating the process. The organized arrangement of documentation allows for more efficient sorting, such as by date, alphabetically, chronologically, or any other method that can be utilized in a particular situation.

The filing system should be durable enough to serve its purpose over a long period of time. This system must eliminate any overlapping within documents while preserving the accuracy and completeness of data stored alongside assuring protection from unauthorized access or misuse. Ultimately, it enables effective retrieval of files when needed without causing confusion or clutter.

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Assignment Brief 2: Justify the range of options for classification and coding of filing systems in private or public institutions based on given topics.

It is important to have a range of options for classifying and coding filing systems in private or public institutions as it facilitates easy retrieval and storage. Such a system gives the user visibility on documents that are available, restricts access to sensitive documents, enhances efficiency through eliminating manual filing and provides assistance with carrying out audits.

Organizing documents into categories or taxonomies allows users to find relevant information quickly while keeping clutter at bay. Classification and coding also enable organizations to improve internal control over their information assets by limiting which individuals have access to certain documents.

Different types of classification methods can be used based on given topics in order to ensure that document management processes are compliant with prevailing regulations and industry standards. Hence, a justifiable range of options for the classification and coding of filing systems is essential for most public and private institutions in today’s world.

Assignment Brief 3: Explain the processes involve in creating, controlling, maintaining, and using files.

Working with files is an important task for users of any operating system in order for them to be effective. Creating, controlling, maintaining, and using files are processes that help bring balance among the various components of a computer system. The creating process involves creating new files and deciding the file type and where it should be placed in the directory structure. The controlling process involves adjusting permissions to restrict or allow access.

The maintenance process requires establishing backup policies and routines to protect data from being overwritten or deleted unintentionally. And finally, the use process requires familiarity with the different functions of a file such as opening, closing and deleting it or making changes to some aspect of its operation such as editing or copying and pasting. With the understanding of these processes, any user can take control of their files in order to manage data effectively.

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