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IMR652 Management Of Business Records UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

IMR652 Management of Business Records is an effective foundational course for building the skills necessary to develop and manage records-related processes within an organization. It provides a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of records management, including assessment and analysis, retention, archiving, and electronic records management.

Learning these concepts enables individuals to design effective risk mitigation strategies for their records program and ensure regulatory compliance. This in-depth knowledge will provide a strong foundation for creating an information governance plan that will promote data security and improve access for stakeholders throughout the organization.

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Assignment Task 1: Explain business management, business records management, and related terminologies.

Business management is the process of utilizing resources efficiently and effectively to achieve business objectives. It involves a deep understanding of the organization’s goals and strategies, as well as integrating them into reliable practices to bring success. Business records management is an important element of business management, as recordkeeping serves as a practice to ensure integrity and regulatory compliance while providing detailed information to make sound decisions.

Various terms related to this field include document management, knowledge management, accounts payable, and records retention policies. With a comprehensive understanding of these terminologies and principles of business management, organizations can make informed decisions that will help build their long-term success.

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