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IMS455 Support Service and Maintenance for Information Systems UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

The IMS455 Support Service and Maintenance for Information Systems course is the perfect choice for those looking to gain a strong foundation in the field of information systems management. Students will learn the importance of taking proactive measures to ensure that their systems are maintained and running properly, as well as how to respond quickly and efficiently to any issues they may encounter.

This course also provides an overview of services and tools related to system maintenance, as well as an understanding of industry best practices. Ultimately, this course sets students up for future success in managing technology infrastructure by equipping them with the necessary skills to support, monitor, troubleshoot, test, install, and maintain mission-critical data centers.

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Assignment Task 1: Illustrate the operating system environment and its architecture.

The operating system environment is the platform in which applications run and curates user activity. It includes various components such as the processor, memory, clipboard, and data storage where each is connected together through a triangle of interfaces known as architecture.

The major functions of architecture in the operating system include relaying instructions between applications and hardware, managing specific resources on the computer, and allocating access to those resources. This creates collaboration among programs and hardware – enabling users to efficiently operate their machines. It also enables different software to share data with one another, improving user experiences across multiple applications.

Assignment Task 2: Demonstrate the setup configuration of hardware and software and how to troubleshoot a personal computer and its peripherals.

It is essential for any user to understand the setup configuration of hardware and software in order to effectively troubleshoot a personal computer and peripherals. It is important to first inspect all of the hardware components and ensure they are firmly connected to the motherboard. In addition, make sure that all cabling and accessories are properly connected with no loose cables.

Following this basic check, it is then recommended to verify the connection of external devices such as printers and speakers. Furthermore, troubleshooting should involve checking the operating system software in order to identify any malfunctions or errors that can cause slow speeds or other problems. After all these steps are completed, one should also install anti-virus software on their computer which provides an additional layer of protection against malicious attacks. With these tools in place, users will be able to prevent their PCs from experiencing issues, as well as potentially fix existing ones.

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Assignment Task 3: Organize how to design, select, install, configure and maintain computer systems and their environment.

Designing, selecting, installing, configuring, and maintaining computer systems and their environment is a crucial process for any organization. A well-organized plan will ensure the success of the system. The first step in this process is to assess the needs of the organization and the type of software needed to fulfill those needs. After the assessment, it is important to select the appropriate software that meets not only specifications but also budgetary and ease of use expectations.

Once the software is selected, installation, configuration, and maintenance must happen in an efficient and secure manner. This requires a plan that identifies personnel responsible for tasks such as server setup as well as periodic checks for updates to keep anti-virus protection up to date and technology current. Allowing experts to manage this process will save both time and money while ensuring maximum return on investment.

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