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ECM582 Business For Engineers UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

ECM582 is designed to equip engineering graduates with essential skills for navigating the dynamic landscape of modern business. The course covers a spectrum of topics including business initiation, entrepreneurship, marketing, financing, and contemporary business models. Emphasis is placed on Business Planning within the construction industry. The impact of E-commerce on…


ITT270 Digital Electronics UITM Assignment Example Malaysia

ITT270 Digital Electronics at UiTM Malaysia provides essential knowledge of digital electronics, focusing on basic logic circuits, combinational circuit design, and analysis. The course equips students with the skills to analyze real-life scenarios and apply digital electronic concepts to devise appropriate digital circuits. Emphasis is placed on understanding fundamental components…


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BBPS4103 Strategic Management Assignment, Example OUM, Malaysia

The BBPS4103 Strategic Management course at Open University Malaysia (OUM) focuses on developing a comprehensive understanding of strategic management principles and practices. Students will explore key concepts, frameworks, and tools essential for effective strategic decision-making in the business environment. The BBPS4103 course emphasizes the analysis of internal and external factors,…


TAX317 TAXATION 2 Assignment Example UiTM, Malaysia 

TAX317 TAXATION 2 at UiTM, Malaysia, delves into comprehensive aspects of company taxation, covering basis period determination, the self-assessment system, tax liability, and incentives under the Promotion of Investments Act 1986 and the Income Tax Act 1967. The course imparts essential knowledge on real property gains tax, real property companies,…


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FIN931 International Finance UITM Assignment Example Malaysia

FIN931 International Finance at UITM in Malaysia explores the global landscape in which international financial managers navigate. The course delves into the intricacies of conducting business abroad, emphasizing risk assessment and mitigation strategies. Students gain insights into managing foreign exchange risk, navigating political uncertainties, optimizing working capital, and making informed…


CMT560 Advanced Analytical Investigation UITM Assignment Example Malaysia

The CMT560 Advanced Analytical Investigation course at UiTM in Malaysia focuses on the design and theory of modern instrumental techniques for applied chemical analysis. Students engage in discussions with assigned lecturers to stay updated on current developments in chemical analysis.  The CMT560  course employs problem-based learning through case studies and…


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DPH914 Health Economics UITM Assignment Example Malaysia

The Health Economics module at UITM, Malaysia (DPH914) provides students with foundational knowledge in health economics, costing analysis, and financing within the context of healthcare management. Emphasizing practical skills, the course equips students with the ability to manage, analyze, and make informed decisions in healthcare and related organizational settings. Key…


BSV703 Human Resource Management And Organisational Behavior UITM Assignment Example Malaysia

BSV703 Human Resource Management and Organisational Behavior at UiTM in Malaysia is designed to develop a comprehensive understanding of human resource management within organizations. The BSV703  course begins with an exploration of theories related to human needs and behavior, progressing to the study of organizational behavior, environments, and management.  Emphasizing…


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BSS666 Project And Construction Management UITM Assignment Example Malaysia

The Project and Construction Management course at UITM in Malaysia offers a comprehensive understanding of construction project management. It focuses on various types of projects and the associated management procedures. The BSS666 course covers essential aspects such as project planning, organization, control, and quality maintenance in construction projects.  Students gain…

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