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PHT498 Pharmacology In rehabilitation UITM Assignment Solution Malaysia

PHT498 Pharmacology in Rehabilitation is a course offered at UITM in Malaysia. We provide a comprehensive introduction to the principles of exercise physiology and the functioning of the human body during exercise. The UITM PHT498   course focuses on the fundamental concepts and scientific information necessary to understand the effects of exercise on the body.

In addition to exercise physiology, the course emphasizes the significance of various factors that influence exercise and training outcomes. These factors include nutrition, body composition, and the environment. Students will gain knowledge about how these elements impact exercise performance and overall health.

Furthermore, the course provides hands-on experience in conducting physical health and fitness assessments. Students will learn and practice techniques for evaluating an individual’s physical condition and fitness level.

Overall, PHT498 Pharmacology in Rehabilitation at UITM equips students with a solid foundation in exercise physiology, factors affecting exercise and training, and practical skills in physical health and fitness assessment.

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Assignment Activity 1: Apply the energy system, exercise metabolism, physiological responses to exercise, thermal regulation, nutrition and body composition, and training performance.

Energy Systems: Energy systems play a crucial role in supplying the energy required for physical activity. The three primary energy systems are the phosphagen system (anaerobic alactic), glycolytic system (anaerobic lactic), and oxidative system (aerobic). Each system provides energy to varying extents depending on the intensity and duration of exercise.

Exercise Metabolism:During physical activity, our body relies on carbohydrates, fats, and to a lesser extent, proteins to produce ATP, which is the energy our cells need. The amount and type of fuel used by our body during exercise vary depending on how intense and long the workout is, as well as individual factors.

Physiological Responses to Exercise: When we exercise, our body goes through a bunch of changes. Our heart rate goes up, and we start breathing faster. We also take in more oxygen, and our blood pressure goes up a little. We might even start sweating to cool ourselves down. Our blood flows differently, and our sympathetic nervous system gets activated. Our body also releases hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. So, there’s a lot happening inside us when we work out!

Thermal Regulation: The body maintains its core temperature within a narrow range during exercise through thermoregulation. It involves mechanisms such as sweating, vasodilation, and evaporative cooling to dissipate heat generated during exercise.

Nutrition and Body Composition: Proper nutrition is crucial for both your exercise performance and overall health. 

Training Performance: Effective training programs incorporate principles such as specificity, overload, progression, and individualization. Specificity involves tailoring exercises to the intended goals or desired adaptations. Overload refers to progressively increasing the intensity, duration, or frequency of exercise to induce physiological adaptations. Progression ensures gradual advancement to prevent plateaus. Individualization recognizes the unique characteristics and needs of each person when designing training programs.

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Assignment Activity 2: Appraise the current literature in exercise recommendations and training.

Appraising the current literature involves critically analyzing the latest research on exercise recommendations and training. This process includes reviewing scientific studies, systematic reviews, meta-analyses, and expert consensus statements. Key areas of focus may include optimal exercise modalities, intensity and duration guidelines, frequency of training, progression models, and exercise-related health benefits. By examining the current literature, one can identify evidence-based practices and make informed decisions when developing exercise programs.

Assignment Activity 3: Evaluate health screening, fitness and exercise testing, and exercise prescription (FITT-ProV Principles) for special

Evaluating health screening, fitness and exercise testing, and exercise prescription for special populations involves considering the unique characteristics, health considerations, and goals of individuals with specific needs. Special populations may include older adults, individuals with chronic conditions, pregnant women, children, and athletes.

Health screening is when we look at a person’s medical history, how they are currently doing health-wise, and any factors that might put them at risk. We do this to figure out if they are ready to start exercising or not.. Fitness and exercise testing provide objective measurements of various physiological parameters such as cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, flexibility, and body composition. These assessments help identify baseline fitness levels, track progress, and tailor exercise programs to meet specific goals.

Exercise prescription follows the FITT-ProV principles: Frequency, Intensity, Time, Type, Progression, and Volume. Special populations require careful consideration of these factors to ensure safety, effectiveness, and appropriateness. Exercise prescriptions may be modified based on individual limitations, preferences, and contraindications. It is important to take into account any specific guidelines or recommendations provided by professional organizations or expert consensus statements when working with special populations.

Overall, evaluating health screening, fitness and exercise testing, and exercise prescription for special populations requires a comprehensive understanding of the physiological and psychological factors that influence exercise responses and adaptations in these specific groups.

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