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TPS253 Planning Law And Procedure UITM Assignment Sample, Malaysia 

The TPS253 Planning Law and Procedure course at UITM in Malaysia delves into the practical aspects of urban planning and development mechanisms, emphasizing the legislative and institutional framework of the country. It explores the multifaceted planning system governed by various regulations and laws to promote efficient and consistent land and building usage, particularly within local authority areas. Students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the legal and procedural aspects that underpin Malaysia’s urban planning landscape.

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Assignment Activity 1: Interpret and describe the law and procedure related to Town Planning in the Malaysian context. (PLO1, C3)

The assignment activity you mentioned involves interpreting and describing the law and procedures related to town planning in the Malaysian context. This assignment is likely designed to achieve specific educational outcomes and assess your understanding of the relevant legal and procedural aspects of town planning in Malaysia. Here’s a breakdown of what you might be expected to do:

  • Interpretation: In this part of the assignment, you will need to analyze and understand the laws and regulations governing town planning in Malaysia. This could include looking at statutory laws, regulations, and any relevant court decisions. You may need to interpret the meaning and intent of these legal provisions.
  • Description: The second part of the assignment involves providing a comprehensive description of the procedures involved in town planning in Malaysia. This might include outlining the steps and processes that must be followed, the roles of various authorities, and any specific requirements or documents that need to be submitted during the town planning process.
  • Malaysian Context: It’s essential to ensure that your interpretation and description are specific to the Malaysian context. Different countries have different laws and procedures related to town planning, and your assignment should focus on those relevant to Malaysia.
  • Learning Outcomes (PLO1, C3): The assignment likely aligns with specific program or course learning outcomes (PLOs) and course competencies (C3). These outcomes and competencies might relate to your ability to understand and apply legal concepts, interpret regulations, and describe complex procedures related to town planning.

To complete this assignment successfully, you may need to conduct research on Malaysian town planning laws and regulations, consult relevant legal sources, and potentially interview experts in the field. Your final submission should be a well-structured document that clearly explains the key legal provisions and procedures related to town planning in Malaysia, making sure to address any specific PLOs and C3 competencies identified by your instructor or course guidelines.

It’s important to follow the assignment instructions, provide proper citations for your sources, and adhere to any specific formatting and submission guidelines given by your instructor or institution.

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Assignment Activity 2:  Integrate and able to make a very good decision based on law and procedure with the Town Planning development issues in the Malaysian context. (PLO8, A4)

The second assignment activity you’ve mentioned involves integrating your knowledge of the law and procedures related to town planning in Malaysia and using that knowledge to make informed decisions regarding town planning development issues. Here’s a breakdown of what this assignment entails:

  • Integration of Knowledge: You are expected to bring together your understanding of the legal framework and procedural aspects of town planning in Malaysia. This may include the laws, regulations, policies, and processes that govern land use and development in the country.
  • Town Planning Development Issues: You should identify and analyze specific town planning development issues in the Malaysian context. These issues could relate to urbanization, land use, infrastructure, environmental concerns, community development, or other relevant topics.
  • Decision-Making: The core of this assignment is the decision-making process. You’ll need to apply your understanding of the law and procedures to evaluate these town planning development issues. This could involve making recommendations, proposing solutions, or deciding on a course of action based on the legal and procedural framework you’ve learned.
  • Malaysian Context: Ensure that your decisions are relevant to the specific challenges and opportunities present in Malaysia. The legal and procedural context may vary from one country to another, so it’s crucial to ground your decisions in the Malaysian context.
  • Learning Outcomes (PLO8, A4): The assignment aligns with particular program or course learning outcomes (PLO8) and the development of analytical skills (A4). These outcomes may relate to your ability to synthesize information, critically assess situations, and make well-informed decisions within the constraints of the law and procedures.

To successfully complete this assignment, you will need to conduct in-depth research on the identified town planning development issues in Malaysia, and then use your knowledge of the legal and procedural framework to propose sound decisions or recommendations. Your final submission should demonstrate a strong understanding of the relevant laws and procedures, as well as your analytical and decision-making skills.

Additionally, make sure to follow any specific assignment guidelines provided by your instructor or institution, and properly cite your sources when providing evidence for your decisions. This assignment is an opportunity to apply your theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios and demonstrate your ability to navigate complex town planning challenges.

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