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TXL632 Apparel Specification And Performance UITM Assignment Sample, Malaysia

The TXL632 Apparel Specification and Performance course at UITM in Malaysia provides students with a comprehensive understanding of apparel performance and quality control throughout the production process. The curriculum covers intrinsic and extrinsic aspects of apparel performance, focusing on garment analysis from a manufacturer’s viewpoint. It also includes guidance on material selection, highlighting the significance of choosing the right fabric for specific applications. 

Additionally, the course delves into seam and stitch performance, functional clothing, and apparel labeling. This course utilizes a combination of lectures and interactive discussions to engage students in the learning process.

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Assignment Task 1: Discuss the performance of apparel in the aspect of Intrinsic and extrinsic attributes to quality apparel, garment analysis and specification development, quality monitoring and garment labeling. (C4)

The assignment task you provided involves discussing the performance of apparel from several different angles, including intrinsic and extrinsic attributes, garment analysis and specification development, quality monitoring, and garment labeling. Let me break down each part of the assignment for better clarity:

  1. Intrinsic and Extrinsic Attributes: In this part of the assignment, you are expected to discuss the qualities and characteristics of apparel from two perspectives:
  • Intrinsic Attributes: These are the inherent qualities of the apparel itself. This could include factors like the fabric used, stitching quality, design, comfort, and durability. You should analyze how these intrinsic attributes contribute to the overall quality of the apparel.
  • Extrinsic Attributes: These are external factors that influence the perception of apparel quality. This might include branding, packaging, marketing, and price. You should explore how these extrinsic attributes impact consumers’ perception of the apparel’s quality.
  1. Garment Analysis and Specification Development: This part of the assignment requires you to discuss the process of analyzing garments. You might need to delve into how garments are assessed for their design, materials, and construction. Additionally, you should cover the development of specifications, which are detailed descriptions of how a garment should be made, including measurements, materials, and quality standards.
  2. Quality Monitoring: Quality monitoring refers to the process of inspecting and ensuring that garments meet certain quality standards. You should discuss methods and techniques used in quality control, such as inspections, testing, and quality assurance processes. This might involve discussing how companies maintain consistency in the quality of their apparel.
  3. Garment Labeling: Garment labeling is an important aspect of the apparel industry. It involves the information provided on labels attached to garments. You should discuss the significance of labeling in terms of conveying important information to consumers, such as care instructions, materials used, and origin. It’s also essential to explore any regulations or standards related to garment labeling in your discussion.

Overall, this assignment seems to revolve around evaluating and understanding the different facets that contribute to the quality and performance of apparel, from both an intrinsic and extrinsic perspective. You’ll need to research and analyze these aspects, and possibly provide examples and case studies to support your points. Additionally, you may want to consider any industry trends, consumer preferences, and regulatory requirements related to the apparel industry.

Assignment Task 2: Perform a general garment analysis by explaining the relationship between material properties and the making process with apparel performance. (C6)

In this task, you are required to perform a general garment analysis by exploring the relationship between material properties and the manufacturing process and how these factors influence the performance of apparel. Let’s break this down:

Material Properties: The performance of apparel is significantly influenced by the choice of materials used. Material properties refer to characteristics such as the type of fabric, fiber content, weave or knit pattern, weight, texture, and more. These properties have a direct impact on various aspects of apparel, including its durability, comfort, appearance, and functionality.

Making Process: The making process encompasses all the steps involved in manufacturing apparel, from the initial design to the final product. This includes cutting, sewing, finishing, and quality control processes. The methods and techniques used in each of these steps can affect the final performance of the garment.

Relationship Between Material Properties and Making Process: The quality and performance of apparel are closely tied to how well the chosen materials and the manufacturing process align. For example, specific materials may require certain sewing techniques or finishes to maximize their performance. The relationship between these factors should be explored in detail.

  • How does the choice of fabric impact the ease of manufacturing?
  • Are there specific material properties that make the garment more durable or comfortable?
  • What sewing techniques are best suited for different materials?
  • Do certain materials require special finishing processes to enhance their performance?

Apparel Performance: Performance in this context refers to how well the garment fulfills its intended purpose. This can vary depending on the type of apparel. For example, sportswear performance may be judged based on moisture-wicking and breathability, while formal wear performance may be evaluated on aesthetics and comfort.

In your analysis, you should provide examples to illustrate how material properties and the making process influence apparel performance. These examples can come from various categories of apparel, such as athletic wear, casual clothing, or formal attire. Additionally, you should consider industry trends and innovations that may impact the relationship between materials, manufacturing processes, and apparel performance.

In summary, this assignment task asks you to delve into the critical connection between the materials used, the way garments are made, and how these factors collectively determine the performance of apparel in different contexts.

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