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AAR630 Practical Training UITM Assignment Sample, Malaysia

The AAR630 Practical Training at UITM in Malaysia entails a 16-week placement at approved architectural firms. During this period, students gain valuable insights into: i) Office organizational structure and management ii) Office production processes and practical workflow iii) On-site work experiences. 

To document their learning, students must maintain a Log Book and submit a Practical Experience Report at the conclusion of their training. This course equips students with hands-on architectural knowledge and valuable exposure to the industry’s inner workings.

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Assignment Task 1: Demonstrate the ability to acquire relevant knowledge on office production and working process.

In this task, you are expected to demonstrate your capability to acquire knowledge related to how an office operates, the various processes involved, and the factors that impact office productivity. To fulfill this task, you should:

  • Research: Conduct research to gather information about office production and working processes. This may involve using various sources such as books, articles, websites, or interviews with experts.
  • Understanding: Ensure that you comprehend the key concepts and components of office production, including workflow, efficiency, and the tools or technologies commonly used in office environments.
  • Documentation: Document the knowledge you acquire in a structured and organized manner. This may involve creating notes, summaries, or reports to present the information clearly.
  • Application: If required, demonstrate how this acquired knowledge can be applied to enhance office productivity or address specific challenges.
  • Communication: If the assignment task involves sharing your findings or recommendations, make sure to communicate your knowledge effectively, either in written or verbal form.

By completing this assignment, you will showcase your ability to gather, understand, and communicate relevant information regarding office production and working processes, which is crucial in professional settings to improve productivity and efficiency.

Assignment Task 2: Practice good management of resources and information in the architectural industry.

Assignment Task 2 involves demonstrating your proficiency in effectively managing resources and information within the architectural industry. To successfully accomplish this task, you should:

  • Resource Management: Showcase your ability to allocate, utilize, and optimize resources within architectural projects. This can include managing finances, materials, human resources, and equipment efficiently to ensure project success.
  • Information Management: Exhibit your skill in organizing, storing, and retrieving architectural data and information. This includes managing project documentation, designs, specifications, and client communications.
  • Efficiency: Highlight your capacity to make resource and information management decisions that promote efficiency and minimize waste, which is crucial for the successful completion of architectural projects.
  • Documentation: Emphasize the importance of accurate record-keeping and documentation to maintain transparency and accountability in resource and information management.
  • Problem Solving: Show your ability to address resource and information-related challenges that may arise during architectural projects and propose effective solutions.
  • Communication: Demonstrate your communication skills, both within your architectural team and with clients, to ensure that resources are allocated and information is shared effectively.

By completing this assignment, you will illustrate your proficiency in managing resources and information within the architectural industry, a critical skill for ensuring the successful planning and execution of architectural projects while meeting client expectations and industry standards.

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