BACS1024: Write a proposal to develop a Point-of-Sales (POS) system for any industry eg: Introduction to Computer System Assignment, TARC, Malaysia

University Tunku Abdul Rahman College (TARC)
Subject BACS1024: Introduction to Computer System Assignment

Part I: Assignment Proposal

CLO3 Utilise relevant techniques, algorithms, and mathematical and logic operations to solve programming problems. (C4, PLO6)

Write a proposal to develop a Point-of-Sales (POS) system for any industry eg. Food and Beverage, Hospitality, Healthcare, Transportation and Logistics, Retail etc Your proposal submission shall contain the following items:

(a) Designated Cover Page
(b) Coursework Declaration Form
(c) Assessment Rubrics

(d) System Synopsis
(i) Proposed system’s name / title
(ii) Introduction / Background
(iii)Advantages / Justifications of implementing the proposed system

(iv)System functions with explanations (at least two functions per student)
Eg. login function, registration function, encryption/decryption function, multi-level menu selection, calculation function, summary generation function, report generation function etc

(v) Mathematical formula(s) involved and brief explanations Eg.
SubTotal = summation of orders made
Subtotal = (opt1_quantity * unit_price) + (opt2_quantity * unit_price) …….
SCharge = a 10% extra charge made for serving customers
SCharge = SubTotal * 0.10

(vi)System flow chart The proposal should be submitted to the tutor in-charge by Week 5.

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Part II: Final Submission
CLO2 Produce practical solutions related to computer systems by applying hardware, assembly language programming and operating system commands and scripting skills. (P3, PLO3)
Develop a 16-bit Assembly Language program to achieve the outcomes as proposed in Part I above. Your program should fulfill the following requirements:

The program shall include calculations with at least TWO (2) digits input and THREE (3) digits output in the calculation result.
The program shall include LOOP operation(s).
The program shall include validation for user input and provide proper error message(s) when invalid data is entered
Proper UI design is expected
Prepare a Final Report of your developed system. Your Final Report shall contain the following items:
(a) Designated Cover Page
(b) Coursework Declaration Form
(c) Assessment Rubrics
(d) System Synopsis
(e) User Manual with screenshots of system
(f) Advanced Features applied (if any)
(g) Conclusion / Future improvements
You are required to organise your report according to the following criteria: –
(a) Line spacing : 1-line spacing
(b) Font type : Times New Roman
(c) Font size : 11 points
(d) Paper size : A4 paper (29.7cm x 21cm)

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