BBGO4103: The purpose of this assignment is to enhance learners’ ability to apply and adapt the concept and theories of organisational behaviour: Organisational Behaviour, Assignment, OUM, Malaysia

University Open University Malaysia (OUM)
Subject BBGO4103: Organisational Behaviour

Part I


The purpose of this assignment is to enhance learners’ ability to apply and adapt the concept and theories of organisational behaviour in meeting the challenges and opportunities for managers in managing the organisation.


Elements of organisational behaviour can significantly influence the efficiency and effectiveness of an organisation. Discuss an event related to (i) individual differences, (ii) communication, and (iii) work place conflict that occurred in your workplace or selected organisation with the support of literature. Discuss the event and relate it with the elements of individual differences, the types of communication and the determinants of work place conflict. The elements, the types and the determinants should be within organisational behaviour context. Follow the guideline below to prepare your assignment:


Part 1: Individual Differences

  • Definition of Individual Differences
  • Event
  • Elements of Individual Differences

Part 2: Communication

  • 2.1 Definition of Communication
  • 2.2 Event
  • 2.3 Types of Communication

Part 3: Work Place Conflict

  • 3.1 Definition of Work Place Conflict
  • 3.2 Event
  • 3.3 Determinants of Work Place Conflict


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Part II


Discuss the following topic(s) in the forum and submit proof of your participation in the online discussions:

  1. Share an issue of organisational behaviour in your workplace.
  2. ‘People’s job performance decreases as they age.’ What do you think about this statement?
  3. Tell us about your job, and which value is the most important to you while doing it.
  4. Share about the stress you experienced. What are the most significant sources of stress in your life?
  5. Communication apprehension occurs when people are afraid of communicating. If you have ever had communication apprehension during a meeting, explain what you felt about the situation.

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